Dento-Facial Aesthetics in Demand!

KARACHI- Pfizer Pakistan Limited organized a one-day Symposium based on the “Basics of Clinical Orthodontics” at Karachi School of Business Leadership. Large number of dentists from across the city of Karachi attended this session.

According to the eminent Orthodontist, Prof. Dr Syed Shah Faisal, In-charge Dental Hospital, Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMDC), due to the growing influence of social media and increased desire to look attractive in this modern time of technology, youngsters have really started to focus on their dento-facial aesthetics.

Facial and dental deformities in children are increasing day by day in Pakistan because of ingesting an improper diet and excessive consumption of junk foods, such as chocolates, fizzy beverages and fast food items.

Prof. Shah Faisal mentioned that dental diseases are commonly seen in both, girls and boys; whereas it is the parents’ duty to consult with a qualified Orthodontist early on, to diagnose and treat dental problems.

He added that by delaying treatment, further complications involving face and teeth may occur.

Children between 6 to 7 years are considered to be of an ideal age, during which parents can approach a qualified orthodontist for dental checkup.

He also added that condition such as Cleft lip and Cleft palate are genetic problems and surgery can repair most clefts, to fix facial appearance and speech may develop normally, afterwards.

Although complete treatment of face and dental problems are available for adults in Pakistan but, the procedure is said to be too costly and time consuming.

Prof. Shah Faisal urged the parents to give proper diet to their children and keep their oral habits in check, to prevent dental problems from occurring in the future.



January 25, 2019

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