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Dr. Irfan Qureshi wins international recognition as an implantologist


Dr Irfan Qureshi has become the first Pakistan-based implant surgeon to become Diplomate Implant Dentistry from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Dr Irfan Qureshi is well known for his expertise in implantology and is a sought after speaker on most local conferences, symposia and related events. He has recently been lecturing outside Pakistan as well, at events in South Korea, Dubai and Romania. He has several achievements to his credit in the field of oral implantology. In South Korea in 2011, he took part in the Young Oral Presenters Competition at the ICOI world congress and won third prize for his lecture in the contest. Besides lecturing in several events and conducting workshops which have been both educational and inspirational for young aspiring clinicians, he has also been working hard to promote a positive face of Pakistan across the globe.

He founded the Federation of Implant Dentistry Pakistan (FIDP) and as its president, along with his young colleagues was able to hold a world class event at a beautiful golf resort in Karachi, which was the first ever international conference for implantology in Pakistan. This was a landmark event and the world sat up and took notice, the symposium received extensive coverage from Dental Tribune International and other publications and the world renowned speakers from USA, Germany, Jordan, Palestine and South Korea were full of praise for the high quality event. Dr Irfan`s role was instrumental in this success.

He is also the first ever Pakistan based clinician to become a fellow and then to achieve the prestigious “Diplomate” status of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). It was because of his efforts that the ICOI granted affiliation to the FIDP. Dr Irfan is also the first ever ambassador of the ICOI to Pakistan.

His unwaivering passion and commitment to the advancement of implant dentistry in Pakistan and relentless pursuit of excellence in his own career has recently fetched him another distinction. The Royal College of Surgeons at Edinburgh known for its high standard of assessment and examination holds a highly competitive exam known as the Diplomate Implant Dentistry RCSEd. Eligibility to sit the exam requires a high level of experience and comprises of a written exam, an OSCE, and a clinical case-defence exam. The exam is spread over 3 days and is held under stringent regulations and high standard of assessment.

Last month, Dr Irfan Qureshi became the first Pakistan based Implant surgeon to pass this exam. It must be mentioned here that the cases he presented in the exam are mailed to the examiners 3 months prior to the exam, and are examined by 8 examiners before the case-defence exam, and Dr Irfan presented cases treated by him in his own practice in Karachi Pakistan. He was among the top scorers in each part of the exam, including the clinical cases, which is strong proof that he practices implant dentistry of high standard acknowledged anywhere in the world.

Dr. Irfan remains an inspiration for young budding clinicians and is as motivated as ever to excel in his chosen field of interest. He is frequently heard saying that it is through professional excellence and unrelenting work ethic that Pakistanis can earn respect and acclaim for the country, and that if, as a nation, we only remain committed and sincere to our professions, so many wrongs can be fixed.

November 16, 2013

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