Dr. M Qureshi has integrated implants in the skeleton of dentistry in Pakistan, Prof. Saeed


Dr. MQ in his presidential address said that from my experience of life, I can say with absolute authenticity that knowledge is never complete.  The real indication, test, yardstick, gauge and bench-mark of a scholar is that as soon as he has achieved one goal of knowledge, he discovers another  goal, another destination and then starts pursuing it relentlessly. The journey to seek knowledge is never complete.  Continue to chase and follow the track of perfection inexorably, until The MQ MET includes surgical burs that allow drilling into the cortical bone, to improve control of the expansion, so that the implant may ultimately be placed in an appropriately centered position within the expanded crest. Expansion may be initiated at a more palatal position, and then mechanically oriented in a labial direction by applying pressure on the bone expander, as it rotates while advancing into the atrophic ridge, along with the manipulation of the osteotomes. Drilling and cutting takes bone away from the implant site. During the drilling process, there is no practical means to immediately improve adjacent bone quality. With the MQ MET, the bone layer next to the osteotomy is improved, because of the compaction of bone, which in turn helps anchor a newly placed implant. The MQ MET osteotome technique offers a useful and predictable procedure, improved tactile sensitivity, improved control, and improved implant placement in soft bone conditions. During the session MQ said, ‘Our philosophy has always been to develop an implant system that is simple, predictable, comprehensive & affordable. We have gathered together a wealth of knowledge and experience in implantology. Today we believe that, after the input of over 2 decades we have achieved this by developing a versatile implant system – MQ MET 5 in 1 modus operandi. It is an advanced surgical technique for treating the resorbed ridges. He further explained MQMET as an atraumatic, innovative, flapless technique, to employ a combination of motor-driven and mild mallet-driven bone expanders in a sequential, codified approach, to achieve unsurpassed implant stability. MQ introduces his brand new ‘MQMET’: 5 in 1 modus operandi Prof. Yazdani said; As the most senior member of the profession I truly appreciate the matchless efforts by MQ in teaching, promoting and practising the art and science of implant dentistry. Please accept my heartiest thanks and continue with this noble task. Prof Beg, during his address said that; I am aware that through hard work, programmed teaching techniques and dedication, MQ has already trained several hundred post-graduates and  practical Oral implantologists, who are now reaping the rewards of this fine surgical skill and also benefiting the community in need. Prof. Soofi greatly admired the task and called it – “a continuous jehad by MQ”. He admired the curriculum of the training program devised by MQ and said; This is the only comprehensive clinical and didactic course, where you learn dental implantology as a complete subject, modality and a discipline. It is not limited to a single system ike all other courses.  MQ’s supervised live surgical sessions Prof Dr M Saeed highly admired the role of Dr. MQ in providing the solid platform of Pakistan Academy Of Implant Dentistry (PAID) which has provided this novel opportunity of learning this advanced technology, through the dedicated, unmatched and vibrant leadership of the Founder President of “Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry”. We congratulate Dr. MQ for his achievements and feel proud to call him the only true implantologist of the country. Besides modifying surgical techniques and instruments, Dr. MQ has also devised his own terms as ‘SABIRIN’, ‘Treating the Untreatable’ etc. which makes him so unique and shows his matchless dedication and devotion to the profession, and as a matter of fact he has created a new world in dental Implantology. An induction ceremony was held on the occasion, where dignitaries of the dental profession, like; Prof Yazdani, Prof Yaqub Beg Mirza, Prof. Dr. M. Saeed and Prof. M. A. Soofi were the guests of honor. Addressing the distinguished course participants, Prof. Saeed called it a momentous day, a day of great significance, a historic day, a day of achievement, a day of accomplishment, a new milestone, a new progress, a new height and a new honour and dignity for the profession. The honourable guest further added that the credit for this great leap forward, goes to Dr. Mahmood Qureshi. Sometime ago in a similar forum he had stated that; if you get an idea to do something positive, show determination and do it thoroughly.  Make it your ambition, then work hard and be devoted to your aims. Then have faith in God.  You will achieve it.  Dr. Qureshi! I congratulate you.  You have done it.  You have achieved it.  Your name will always remain alive and will be remembered as a pioneer of Oral Implantology in Pakistan.  MQ have integrated implants in the skeleton of Dentistry in Pakistan…May I call it MQ’s-Integration!  The 2nd session of this internationally renowned training program in Oral Implantology, called – “Treating the  untreatable” featured in the 19th “One Year Highly Intensive Course “2013”, conducted by Pakistan Academy of Implant  Dentistry was held in the MQ Implant Institute, Lahore. Internationally recognized, ‘implant icon’ Dr. Mahmood Qureshi headed the insightful event. A galaxy of leading professionals from Khyber to Karachi participated in this illustrious course.

MQ talked more towards the professional touch, saying; Many of you who are a little bit less experienced, may think Ah!  There is a panacea, a sovereign remedy for all the denture problems.  Your teacher will tell you that it may not be so.  However, if you make a correct choice of the patient, you and the patient may be rewarded many times. You may enjoy a lot of respect and the patients, can gain many years of comfort and pleasure of enjoying food. Last but not the least, I must touch the ethical side of this noble profession.  You must not forget that you owe a lot to your nation.  The nation has spent massive amounts and resources on your training.  It is time to pay back………not by paying back monetarily, but by sweet words to your patients and by helping those who cannot afford.  This will give you inner happiness in this world and real pleasure of life in the hereafter.  I end in the words of Quran  (Al-Baqarah, V: 83),  “And speak good and kind words to all humans”. You will be serving the humanity as well as bringing yourself nearer to God.  But you cannot do it unless you develop a habit of hard work, because again in the words of Quran (Ch 53, V39), “Man can have nothing but what he strives for”.  you discover the truth of the verse of Quran  (Soorah, AL-Sajda, V: 53). MQ went on saying that by probing, pondering, studying, contemplating, investigating and reflecting on the complexities, beauties and mechanisms of the nature, the universe and all the biological kingdom, you can reach and understand The Perfect…….The Allah. MQ added, I have discovered this truth, as you will also discover it, if you relentlessly follow the path of perfection.

May 27, 2013

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