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Due to use of internet. SMS, video games, lack of interest in reading and writing children and teenagers are having problems in academic areas such as spelling, reading, maths and writing. If the problem continues, then most probably in future there may be more students facing problems related to learning disabilities. Already such students are labeled as ‘slow learners’ and discouraged to the extent that they leave school. This may be one of the reasons of drop-out rate which is 50% in Pakistan.In order to overcome the problem some thinking and planning is required today. At the initial stage all educational institutions may organize screening tests at the primary and elementary level. This would identify students having problems in different academic areas. Secondly, awareness campaign needs to be launched for teachers and parents providing them information about learning disabilities and remedies. Leaflets, posters, booklets can be prepared. Seminars and workshops can be organized. Thirdly, the teacher training and parents guidance programs and courses are to be launched and lastly remedial programs to be introduced.

If the initiative is taken early it can have the positive outcomes. Such caring gesture and future planning would help to overcome the future academic problems. Psychologically, negative propaganda can be countered through positive thinking and display of our patriotic concern through action. Such a planning would contribute to lower dropout rate along with projection of quality education. It will also enhance harmony and solidarity on the national level.

March 15, 2013

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