Erasing Dental Phobia with a Furry Paw

Photo from www.fayobserver.com

Photo from www.fayobserver.com

Scared of getting that root canal your dental surgeon has been prescribing since forever? Well, no-one feels that way anymore at Dr. Lisa Gushin’s dental clinic in North Carolina where a 3 year Maltese dog Boston eagerly waits for patients to come visit. Boston is the resident unofficial therapy dog who helps relax all the patients, especially those who are too scared of all kinds of dental procedures.

Even though Boston is not a trained therapy dog, he still manages to calm everyone from children to adults and helps them get over with their dental issues. He has been ’working’ at Dr. Gushin’s clinic for three years now. There are many times that dentist Gushin pauses in dental process to call Boston to come in the room and assist with the proceedings. And this white ball of fluff takes his job very seriously.

Dillon, who is the manager of Dr. Gushin’s clinic, is also the owner of the dog. She says that Boston’s start wasn’t so great. He was found in a yard of the veterinary technician and had been abandoned in not so good condition. Even though Dillon already had enough of her own dogs, she still decided to take Boston in when she heard that the vets were planning to put the dog to sleep.

Now she brings him to the clinic each and every day and Boston loves greeting everyone who is there. He understands the fears of people coming in with tooth problems and makes sure they are comfortable in the doctor’s chair.

So whether it is scaling that needs to be done or difficult tooth extractions, most patients make sure they make appointments during the time when Boston’s furry paw will be there to encourage them and help ease their anxiety. He is truly a comfort for all patients.What do you think about having a cute pet in dental clinics to ease anxiety and fear?

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April 14, 2017

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