FDI Congress- 2013 Bridging Continents for Global Oral Health


The Turkish Dental Association (TDA) has announced the 101st FDI Congress to be held on 28th to 31st of August, 2013 in the Turkish capital city – Istanbul. The Board of Directors at TDA along with FDI 2013 organizing-committee, other institutional partners and Dental Chambers will be welcoming a large number of delegates and speakers from all over the globe.

The president of TDA and the FDI Congress 2013 – Prof. Taner Yucel stated that FDI 2013 Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) will be the most important and largest Dental event organized in Turkey during 2013. The conference will act as a beacon for new insights and innovation in dental treatment, empowering the global dental community. TDA has demonstrated a strong will to host the FDI (AWDC) during many occasions in the past years. Istanbul is a modern, hospitable and exciting city, with a warm climate, where civilizations, continents and cultures meet.

AWDC 2013 will highlight the message – ‘Bridging Continents for Global Oral Health’ by reflecting FDI’s commitment to enable revolutionary progress and pursuit of professional development goals. Its groundbreaking Vision 2020 document focuses on how the dental profession should evolve and adapt over the next decade.

For over 80 years, FDI’s World Dental Exhibition, first launched in 1929, has provided dentists and other oral health professionals with a view of the latest oral health technology from around the world presenting the latest products, treatments and the best options to the patients. The Congress has been designed as a truly international event with strong local flavor and the kind of programme to satisfy the discerning delegates from far overseas. It will combine professional training with an exotic visual and touristic experience, besides formal certifications for all participants.

The FDI 2013 scientific program has also been launched to enrich the experience, comprising of an insightful conference, panel discussions, perceptive lectures, interactive case-studies, 29 hands-on cou-rses, numerous meetings and sessions chaired by world-class experts. This event aims to bring the experts together for sharing their wisdom and spe-cific subjects. The 2 main sub-jects for the forum will be; den-tal practice and patient care, scientific research and devel-opment. Year in Review mee-tings, initiated last year in Hong Kong Congress, will focus on the developments and advan-cements in implantology, cario-logy, minimal invasive denti-stry and restorative dentistry.

Expert-Panels at the AWDC 2013 – Istanbul, will offer the opportunity to find answers to the dentist’s clinical practice questions. These experts from numerous fields will share their experiences and personal practices, enriched by the latest developments in “practice” and “evidence based” dentistry. Interactive Discussions on Practical Cases will go into specific cases and participants will find the opportunity to discuss the cases directly with the most qualified lecturers. Participants will also be able to interact electronically with the lecturers and can answer the lecturers’ questions via keypads. The participating Dentists can also register through an online registration system. For more details on speakers and the conference agenda, publication was engaged as the official media partner for this congress. It also rendered a helping hand to enrich the event with sponsorships and registrations.

April 19, 2013

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