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FDI World Dental Congress: Annual Meeting 2018, Argentina – Day 3

September 7thSeveral renowned speakers from over 35 different countries of the world are currently participating in FDI’s 106th annual meeting: World Dental Congress 2018.

Among the notable highlights, of the third day, were the symposiums by 3M and GSK, and the FDI-WHO-NCDA Session. 3M focused on innovative management models for infant caries; GSK touched various topics underOptimal Care and Maintenance of Full Dentures for Oral and General Health”. Dr. Stefan Listl from Netherlands, Dr Veronica Schoj from Argentina, Martha Salazar from Colombia, and Benoit Varenne from Switzerland spoke during the FDI-WHO-NCDA Session. Topics relevant to policy making for curbing sugar intake, and overcoming industry interference were undertaken.

Now Dr Benoit Varenne talking about sugars and caries at the joint FDI , WHO, and NCD Allience Session on curbing sugar consumption

Dr Benoit Varenne talking at the joint FDI , WHO, and NCD Allience Session on curbing sugar consumption.

The workshops were conducted by Carestream, Rosterdent, Zhermack, ML Implant System, Orthodent and Den Mat. The subjects touched were ‘DICOM & STL Files, Together & Combined’, ‘Modification of Biological Terrain’, ‘Ideal Protocol for Making Definitive Impressions’, ‘Implant Systems & Geometric Designs by ML Conventional Drills vs, Drills with Auto-stop’, ‘Self-Ligating Course’,  and ‘Veneers without Dental Wear’.

The Meet the Expert session of the day was directed by Prof. Niklaus P. Lang from Switzerland, his subject being ‘Architects Build Their Houses on a Solid Foundations – The Periodontal Paradigm ’.

The Ninth Annual Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future Global Summit was also held on the third day, where in subjects like ‘Catalyzing Change in Education, Policy and Practice’, ‘owards Paying for Health in Dentistry: Policy Lab Update-The Next Steps’, and ‘Towards Paying for Health in Dentistry: Policy Lab Update-The Process This Year’, were addressed.

September 8, 2018

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