Foreign Medical Graduates Protest against PMC

Islamabad: Foreign Medical Graduates recently held a protest outside Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) office in Islamabad.

The students were raising voices against the announcement by PMC blacklisting 70% of Chinese universities.
PMC previously blacklisted most of the universities in Kyrgyzstan.

Students informed that PMC policy, the future of thousands of foreign medical graduates, who have spent six years of their lives and millions of rupees on their degrees, were at stake.

“Many students are depressed because of this policy and if the PMC does not change the policy, it will force students to commit suicide,” one student informed.

-DN Report

Dr Muattar Hanif: Assistant Editor, Muattar Hanif is a dental graduate from the Dow University of Health Sciences and can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @muattarrrrr

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