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Hands-on workshop on ‘Periodontology’ at IADSR

Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research (IADSR) held a two-day workshop as a part of IADSR 9th Professional Diploma in Advanced General dentistry (PDAGD) on ‘Periodontology’. It was facilitated by Dr. Muhammad Haseeb BDS, MDS, MCPS (Perio), MFGDP and Asst. Professor of HOD of Periodontic, University of Lahore.

Dr. Haseeb elucidated participants how to recognize the periodontal disease, its signs, and symptoms and also emphasized on the probes that are used. Types of periodontal surgeries, indications for periodontal surgery and differentiation between periodontitis and gingivitis were comprehended to the participants. The facilitator demonstrated the effective use of probes to measure depth and to detect the patient of perio disease. Next, furcation along with its involvement and management, surgical and non-surgical management of periodontal disease, including regenerative therapy, guided tissue regeneration, bone grafting procedures, gingivectomy, periodontal restorative interactions, ferrule effect, and periodontal flap therapies were taught to the participants. Dr. Haseeb also explained periodontal esthetics including essentials of smile and causes of a gummy smile.

 The participants were assigned two case studies to disseminate new knowledge and problems which are identified during clinical practice. The hands-on session consisted of surgical perio procedures and crown lengthening which was performed by the participants on typodonts. The problems faced by participants during procedures were solved by the facilitator, and their concerns about the topic were cleared by him as well. The session was concluded by achieving its desired learning objectives.

December 16, 2019

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