Hashmanis Hospital Brings Dental Knowledge to the Community


KARACHI – Hashmanis Hospital is renowned over Karachi and even Pakistan as one of the leading Hospitals providing Lasik Eye Surgery and other eye procedures. However, Hashmanis Hospital also offers a variety of other medical services including a designated Dental department which provides premium professional dental treatments for a diverse range of oral health problems.

Hashmanis Hospital has recently introduced its Community Outreach Program under which their medical and dental teams visited various Leading Schools, Malls and Universities to impart knowledge to the Community and arranged free check-ups.

Hashmanis Hospital and the doctors and dentists behind it believe that many of hashmani03the attitudes, habits and oral health behaviours develop amid individuals during their childhood and adolescence years, as these are the prime stages of learning and cognitive and personality development. Children are more receptive to new information and so, the earlier that their healthy oral habits are established, the greater their impact will be throughout their life, as they will be more likely to continue these practices into adulthood. In order to bring this change about, it is necessary to create influential environments for growing children and adolescents from where they can obtain dental knowledge, and become aware of the significance of maintaining good oral health.

Therefore, Hashmanis Dental & Smile Care Centre, under the supervision of Dr. Maria Hashmani (Director and Head of Dentistry, Hashmanis Hospital) along with her team members including Dr. Nadia Shaukat, Dr. Samreen Naeem & Dr. Fariah Khan visited various leading schools of the city where they provided free check-ups to the students, teachers and staff.


A presentation on “Oral Care” was also given to the students to teach them the importance of taking care of their teeth, and the consequences associated with the early loss of primary teeth. The students were very eager to learn and participated actively in the discussions. At the end of the session, Dental Kits along with “free dental check-up” coupons were distributed among the students and staff with the commitment that children will implement the proper hygiene methods learnt in the session.

Hashmanis Hospital plans to continue such outreach programs in the future as well for the benefit of the community.

December 20, 2017

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