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Hepatitis E found in donor blood

donor Blood

PARIS: Study finds that more one in 3,000 donations made in England are infected with hepatitis E virus (HEV) which can cause liver disease, said a study Monday that sparked a call for screening in Europe.

The revelation was made on World Hepatitis Day on The Lancet Medical Journal quoting a study saying that a systematic analysis of the blood donated raised concerns for screen the donated blood in Europe. It was told that 79 out of 225,000 donations were infected with genotype 3 version of the virus, genotype 3 which has been known to cause liver disease.

Research suggests that the virus has been contracted from contaminated blood, drinking water and infected pigs.

Study suggests that the concerns were raised when the virus was transmitted in 18 of 43 exposed blood recipient leading to developing mild clinical hepatitis

One of the author raised concerns estimating 80,000 to 100,000 human HEV infection may have like to be transmitted during the process of blood transfusion in Europe alone.

Same prevailance have previously been in reported in Germany, Sweden with concerns of a widespread in the European continent.

People who contract the virus suffer from appetite loss and fever. Left untreated, it can result dangerously in suppressing immune system of the human body. It has also been known fatal for cancer patients and organ recipients as a result of transplant surgeries. It has also been known dangerous for pregnant women. Till date, no cure has been found for the disease.

While the authors commented that the overall risk was slight and no pressing need for the screening of the blood donation was required, they further added that the HEV has been known to cause liver failure and cancer.

August 6, 2014

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