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Claims of transforming Larkana to Paris couldn’t see light

Make WHO HIV Outbreak report public, demands PML-F leader

Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) General Secretary and Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) Information Secretary Sardar Abdul Raheem has expressed concern over the World Health Organisation (WHO) report about the HIV outbreak in Larkana, calling the exponential rise in HIV cases Sindh Government’s worst failure.
“The recent WHO report has exposed the Sindh government,” he said, adding that “A government that cannot provide health facilities to people in its political centre, Larkana, has no right to remain in power.” The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government has in fact lost the right to rule, said Raheem. He asked the PPP government to make the WHO report public so that the masses know about the government’s inefficiency.

He further said, the WHO report held the Sindh Government responsible for the HIV outbreak, and added that the disease is spreading among children due to the unavailability of appropriate and timely treatment.

Raheem also questioned the provincial government’s silence over the report. “Why was the Sindh government, which had claimed that it would transform Larkana into Paris, silent over the WHO report,” he said asking when the provincial government would ask for the health minister’s resignation.

According to Raheem, HIV patients in Larkana do not have access to medicines and they are dying in miserable condition, as no one seemed willing to comply with the provincial health minister’s directives. He claimed that HIV is rapidly spreading outside Larkana, but the provincial government keeps on saying all is well.

Raheem demanded that the findings of the report be made public and immediate action be taken against institutions and individuals held responsible for the HIV outbreak in the report.




June 11, 2019

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