House officers denied salary for 11 months in Amritsar, India

Photo//Hindustan times

Photo//Hindustan times

On Friday, March 31st, 2017, approximately 80 students of Punjab Government Dental College and Hospital remonstrated outside the district administration offices, according to media reports

The students are livid and frantic over the seemingly endless delay in their respective salary payment. Approximately 150 resident dentists have not been compensated for their services since the past 11 months. Per reports, the protest was held following a tiff between the district authorities and the students on Thursday. The students claim, on Thursday they paid a visit to the district treasury’s office and instead of hearing them out, the officials resorted to misbehaving which eventually sparked an argument between the opposing sides. The students protested with all their valor with multiple slogans and banners calling out the district treasury officials.

Dr. Nakul Singla and Dr. Karamjot Singh, resident dentists, voiced their concerns saying that in addition to the delay, the behavior of the authorities is what triggered this uproar. They fear that if the stipend is not released now, it will get delayed even further owing to the start of the new financial year.

At the Punjab Government Dental College, the fixed allowance for a resident dentist on average is Rs50,000 per month and Rs9000 for interns.

In a letter forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner, Kamaljit Sangha, the students stated their mandate and necessitated serious action against the authorities. Guru Nanak Dev Hospital’s resident dentists’ association also offered their support to the protesting party.

Alleged reports claimed the stipends had been released but according to the protestors, all such claims are false and their banks have not processed any paychecks.

The students remained adamant despite verbal assurances and promise to not rest until the job is done.

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April 4, 2017

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