How do I politely ask someone to wear a mask?

By Suhaib Ahsan

Experts all over the world are exerting the need to wear face mask in public. Recently we have seen that the coronavirus cases in Pakistan are increasing daily, but the government and the general public seem to take it lightly. It is so frustrating to see people who aren’t following the SOPs.

Coronavirus has stayed here for so long. People have now started to take it lightly. Unfortunately in Pakistan, no one is following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) properly. Most of them believe that if they recovered from coronavirus they won’t get positive again. However, this is not the case.

Reason for not wearing mask

The reason, why people aren’t serious, could be because of mindset like:

  • Not believing that COVID-19 illness even exists
  • Feel like their area is safe or has few infected people
  • Dislike face covering (as it is difficult to breathe)
  • Not agreeing to fact that masks may stop the spread of coronavirus

Still, there is a lot of research being done worldwide to learn about this new disease, and it will take some time until effective vaccines of coronavirus become available. Until then, wearing masks or covering the face is the only way that can help to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

As some people are not wearing a mask, therefore, it is our responsibility to ask them politely. However, we should make the request discreetly because shaming the person can make them defensive.

Conving people to wear mask

Thus, there are different ways in which we can ask the person to wear a mask. Like:

  • Talk to them about how it can protect our friends and family. Tell them: “Wearing a mask gives me protection. But I wear mask to protect you and other people around me.”
  • Keep it simple and indirect. We can say, “It will make me feel better if you put your mask on”.
  • If you’re in any mall or public place, look for security personnel or other employees who can speak to visitors who are not wearing a mask.
  • Ask someone who is not masked to please stand back and try to maintain 6 feet distance.

If implementation of COVID SOPs seem lax. And you are unable to maintain a physical distance. Then it is better to leave because it can put you and your family in danger.

-The author is contributing writer at Dental News Pakistan and can be reached at

October 28, 2020

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