How to fix common face mask problems!

-by Dr Muattar Hanif

We all know that wearing a face mask protects and others from many germs and viruses. In fact, face mask great way to stop spread from person-to-person.

Experts advised that one should wear a mask even if they don’t feel sick. There’s a high possibility that one could easily be asymptomatic or presymptomatic with the coronavirus.

But wearing masks for a longer period of time can cause annoyances.

We have compiled some of the common frustrations caused by facemasks and simple ways to fix them!

Ear pain and skin sensitivity issues with face mask

Many people feel a strain on their ears due to connector straps of the face masks. This usually happens when masks are worn for a longer period.


Try choosing a natural material like cotton for your mask. An added connector to the straps of the masks can surely lessen the strain on ears.

Breathing trouble and face mask

It is a common misconception that face mask increase carbon dioxide accumulation during breathing. Experts have debunked this myth, saying that facemask cannot cause overexposure to carbon dioxide.


It is highly advised to practice mindful breathing exercises. One can also find a place to be alone without a mask for a few moments. This can normalise the breathing pattern.

Headache due to face mask

It is a common complain that the thought of putting a mask on the face can create anxiety among people. In worst case, this can even trigger headaches.


It is better to set a timer to remind yourself to drink more often to prevent dehydration. This can also help in reducing anxiety.

Foggy glasses

People wearing glasses can face this issue more than often.


Try to fit your mask so the top is tighter than the bottom. Another way to avoid fogging is to use anti-fogging product on your glasses.


Breakouts such as acne are commonly seen in users of fabric face masks.


It is better to washcloth masks daily. Also, keeping your skin moisturised can be beneficial.

October 13, 2020

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