How to stay Healthy in 2013: Some healthy tips to go by


It’s that time of year again: According to statistics gathered by the University of Scranton, 45% of us will make a resolution at the start of 2013, yet less than half of those promises will still be in effect six months later. How can we work our annual goals into our everyday routine and increase our likelihood of success?

Use the power of Monday

Monday is like the January of the week: the day that we can reset our intentions after the weekend and try again. By recommitting to our resolutions every Monday, we get 52 opportunities to stick with it and incorporate healthier habits into our lives. The Monday Campaigns offers 52 Healthy Monday Tips on Facebook.

Plus, having a Monday resolution means you don’t have to go it alone. Meatless Monday is just one of many Monday Campaigns: there are a variety of wellness initiatives that can help you stick to your goals for 2013. Take advantage of our free materials and the support of our online communities on Facebook and Twitter. Start planning and sticking to your 2013 resolutions by learning more about the programs that will keep you going week after week.

Enjoy a more nutritious diet

Meatless Monday can help you eat a more diverse, nutrient-dense diet by reminding you to swap meat one day a week for fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Join the Movement on Facebook and Twitter for weekly news and updates, or follow us on Pinterest and Tumblr for delicious Meatless Monday meal ideas. Already meatless every Monday? Become a Mover & Shaker by introducing the campaign to your local schools, restaurants, or community organizers.

Teach healthful habits to your kids

Help the little chefs in your life learn their way around the kitchen with The Kids Cook Monday! Families can get cooking with our age-appropriate recipes and helpful Introductory Toolkit, or by following the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Teachers and community leaders can also get involved by using the tips and lesson plans available in our Educator’s Toolkit.

Quit smoking for good

It can take 8-11 quit attempts to kick smoking for good, so gain an advantage by recommitting to your quit every Monday. Quit and Stay Quit Monday offers 52 weekly tips, along with communities on Facebook and Twitter, to boost your cessation success. Join now and help us get ready for a smoke free 2013.

Get in more physical activity

Add more fitness into your daily life by starting the week off on the right (and left) foot! Move It Monday can help you get and stay physically active with Monday Mile markers and weekly reminders on Facebook and Twitter. Get friends and family moving too by resolving to do Move It Mondays together.

Stay STD freeMaintain your sexual health with Man Up Monday, your weekly reminder to call the clinic, set up a preventative health appointment, or restock on condoms and other essential supplies. Receive weekly notices and news updates on Facebook and Twitter, or plan a trip to your local health center with Planned Parenthood’s clinic search.

Maintain Your Health While Caring for Others

Do you tend to special needs child, older parents, or loved ones with chronic illnesses or disabilities? It’s important to remember to care for yourself too! Set aside some time each Monday to plan your needs for the week and ensure that you stay healthy. Our Caregiver Monday tips and supportive communities on Facebook and Twitter can help you reduce stress and learn from others with similar experiences. mal>According to the British Medical Association’s director of professional activities, Dr Vivienne Nathanson:

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December 16, 2012

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