Tooth sensitivity cures for Pakistani homes

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Tooth sensitivity is not only irritating, it can become downright painful. You are unable to eat well because the minute you take a bite, your teeth start hurting deep within the roots.

Sensitive teeth mean that the instant you put something hot or cold in your mouth, you receive a kind of electric shock or an unpleasant tingling sensation in your teeth.

But WHY does tooth sensitivity occur?

It isn’t just the hot or cold food/drink items. It also involves the intake of excess sugary items or when the weather is too cold. There are also some diseases or problems that recedes the gum line. This too causes sensitivity to the roots and nerves.

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The reason why teeth become sensitive is owed to when the enamel or the cementum of the crowns wears off. The dentin of your tooth, which are the tiny nerve endings of the roots, are exposed, and hence they become sensitive.

Have you been suffering from teeth sensitivity? Not sure what you can do to get rid of this issue or at least reduce the intensity?





Here are 4 ways you can manage tooth sensitivity sitting at home, while you wait for your dentist appointment.

1.    Specifically Designed Toothpaste

When it comes to using toothpaste, opt for one that specifically designed for sensitive teeth. There are many sensitivity toothpastes available in markets across Pakistan that you can choose from.

Keep in mind though that this does not work for everyone, and is not a permanent solution. The key is to use it persistently so that it gradually starts helping.

2.    Ditch damaging brushing habits

Project1-2 copyThere are some damaging brushing habits that can lead to teeth sensitivity. This includes the use of toothbrushes that are too hard, brushing teeth in a harsh and hurried manner, or not brushing for enough time that is two minutes twice a day, every day. Brushing teeth hard ensures that the enamel gets chipped off which in turn makes the teeth sensitive. The idea is to remove plaque and bacteria, not enamel and cementum!



3.    Reduction of acidic food/drink intake

If you have foods and drinks that contain a lot of acid, then the acid is going to eat the enamel away leaving the roots and nerves exposed and open to sensitivity. Such foods include fizzy drinks, pickles and citrus fruits like oranges. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least 20 minutes after consuming such foods, and rinse before brushing.

4.    A Big No-No to Tooth Grinding

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This is one of the worst habits possible. It gets rid of the enamel on the tooth. Most people do it unconsciously but  muscle relaxing exercises and sometimes tooth guards also help.






What to do next?

You should definitely try these tips at home, but make sure that you also set an appointment with your dentist. These are only short-term solutions, and dentists all over Pakistan know how to cure your tooth sensitivity once and for all by removing the true cause.

June 6, 2017

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