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IADSR hands-on workshops as part of their 8th PDAGD

‘Anterior Layering Technique of Direct Composite Restoration’

Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research (IADSR) recently conducted a one day workshop on ‘Anterior Layering Technique of Direct Composite Restoration’. The workshop was held as a part of the IADSR 8th Professional Diploma in Advanced General Dentistry (PDAGD). Dr Salman Ashraf Khan, BDS, FRACDS (Australia), Head of the Department and Assistant Professor at University of Lahore facilitated the participants. His prime focus was Class IV cavity and diastema closure. He explicated that esthetic excellence can be achieved with a non-aggressive minimal tooth reduction approach by using direct adhesive composite resin restoration. He also taught about shade selection, colour mapping and explained different preparation techniques. He emphasized a lot on dental photography and elaborated on how it could enhance the quality of work of clinicians. Composite layering technique, peg laterals, finishing techniques including shaping, contouring, and polishing were also taught by the facilitator.

The attendees were then assigned with a case study to solve and discuss new problems that are identified during clinical practice. Participants diagnosed different cases, and also designed comprehensive treatment plans. Followed by which, extensive hands-on procedures and their discussion took place. The queries raised while performing the procedures were answered by Dr Salman Ashraf.

  • ‘Dental Restoration Technique’

Another comprehensive one-day workshop on ‘Dental Restoration Technique’ was held at Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research (IADSR). It was conducted as a part of IADSR 8th Professional Diploma in Advanced General dentistry (PDAGD) and was facilitated by Dr Irsam Haider, BDS, MCPS, MSc (Endodontic). He commenced the workshop by illustrating the importance of isolation and thoroughly elucidated rubber dam with its material and instruments; broad range applications of Optra-dam; and floss ligature ligation technique. He further elaborated techniques for Class II cavity restoration, and class V cavity restoration. The complete procedure of ‘occlusal stamp technique’ with its indications, contraindications, advantages, and disadvantages was also explained to the participants. Dr Irsam provided guidelines on how to efficaciously perform restorative procedures on pediatric patients. All the procedures, which were taught during the workshop, were practiced by participants individually on typodonts and phantom heads. Complications faced by the participants were addressed and solved by the facilitator. Participants also inquired about different clinical intricacies which they have faced while performing restorative techniques. All the inquiries were comprehensively and efficiently solved by Drss Irsam Haider.

July 20, 2019

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