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Infection prevention and control in dentistry: YDC’s live session with Dr Adil

Karachi: Young Dental Council (YDC) recently arranged a live session on their Facebook page. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr Adil Bin Irfan, Head of hospital safety and faculty at Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine. The session comprised of latest cutting edge discussions to address current issues in dental management.

The session included presentation showcased on PowerPoint and Slide Share in order to give clear guidelines on infection control and prevention in dentistry. While referring to the topic, Dr Adil said, “The subject has been generally ignored by many dental practitioners, however, my focus has always been on safety and prevention.”

Dr Adil shared his insight on the protection of patients, cross-infection and dental hygiene of the patient. He told, “The transfer of bacteria and disease to the patient is a top priority of professionals and every measure should be taken to prevent this.”

Through his session, Dr Adil covered all the aspects from the basics of infections and the importance of preventive measures essential to avoid these infections. He demonstrated modern methods to limit the spread of infections which surely helped the viewers.

Dr Adil emphasised, “Medicating an oral problem is not the only responsibility of a dentist but to prevent the spread of disease carried by the patient, whether an oral or overall infection, is the main goal because many clinicians failed to realise that while treating one patient if you are afflicting 5 other individuals with the disease, you are actually failing as a dentist by putting others health in danger.”

The viewers appreciated the session and the ways involved to inculcate the engagement of the audience.

YDC is a non-government and non-profit organisation run solely by the students of Karachi Medical and Dental Council. The council aims to unite dental students and professionals across Pakistan and to foster education, improve awareness about oral health and foster education, awareness about oral health between dental students and dentists.

-DN Report

July 2, 2020

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