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KARACHI – The 12 international 32 national dental congress 2015 was organized at Karachi expo centre recently. During the PDA congress, multiple scientific sessions were conducted. The “Basic science in dentistry” was one of them, conducted on the last day of the congress. This session engaged highly eminent speakers from all over Pakistan, who talked on the following topics:

1.    “Translational Research” – by Prof. Ayyaz Ali Khan

2.    “Biochemistry made my clinical practice incredible” – By Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad

3.    Improve your practice through customized medications – by Prof. Kafi Iqbal

4.    Apoptosis in oral diagnostics – By Prof. Amyna Shaikh

5.   Attitudes towards tobacco cessation among dentists practicing in Karachi – By Dr. Ashar Afaq    

The experts panel included:

·         Prof.  Ayaz ali Khan (chairman of the session)

·         Prof. Bukhari (Co-Chairman of the session)

·         Dr. Asghar Ali Shigri (Moderator of the session)

The session was well organized and was a huge success. It provided valuable information to the participants. The efforts made by the Moderator and all speakers were appreciated.

Dr. Kafi Iqbal presented his paper, in which he talked  about Customized Medications. He emphasized that compounding is one factor which improves the patient’s practice by preparing customized medications. As dentistry is a superlative ground due to its patient’s verity. Drug compounding can be very beneficial because any drug formulated or modified to meet a specific patient’s needs, based on a physician prescription on a case-by-case basis, ensures that the compounded drug is effective and safe.

At the end of his presentation, he concluded that there is a need for extemporaneous formulations in dental patients in our scenario, where we can see a lot of cancer patients after an intended use of Gutka, pan and betel nuts. Therefore, we have to develop a team comprising of specialists of various disciplines, according to individual and community requirements.

Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed – Vice Principal, Baqai Medical College, presented his paper in which he talked about Biochemistry and how it made his clinical practice incredible. He described in his paper regarding the Multi Disciplinary approach for a Dentist, covering; Caries susceptibility, Periodontal Health, Endodontic needs and General oral health. He discussed in detail about these approaches and he also mentioned about the association of oral findings, with systematic disorders. He gave a brief overview of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Dr Ashar Afaq – Assistant Professor & Vice Principal, Dow International Dental College (DUHS) presented his paper, in which he talked about the Attitudes Towards Tobacco Cessation Among Dentists Practicing In Karachi.  He elaborated on how tobacco use remains an important public health problem around the world. Smoking or chewing tobacco seriously affects general and oral health in a variety of ways like oral cancers, periodontal diseases and poor wound healing. It is very important to limit the consumption and usage. The burden of tobacco use has the worst impact in low- and middle-income countries, and will increase more rapidly in these countries, over the coming decades. 

Pakistan is one of the developing countries, with an estimated population of around 17.3 million in 2008. The aim of the study was to investigate the dentists’ attitude towards tobacco cessation activities in Karachi. The Objectives also included; Assessing the prevalence of smoking tobacco among dentist population and to evaluate the association between dentists’ smoking tobacco and their attitude towards tobacco cessation.

He briefly described that the dentist could be a role model in the provision of Tobacco Cessation Activities (TCA). A strong need is felt for Policy Development for Tobacco Cessation Interventions (TCIs) and the role of Oral Health care Professionals. Provision of TCIs at all possible levels starting from facilitating and teaching in Undergraduates up to training General Dentists, could be helpful. There is a need to define the role and fill in the knowledge gap of Dental Auxiliaries in the provision of (TCA).

Dr. Amynah Shaikh, from Department of Oral Biology at DIKIOHS (DHUS) presented her paper in which she talked about Apoptosis in oral diagnostics. Her presentation stated that; Abnormality of apoptosis and apoptotic regulatory genes during oral carcinogenesis, though conflictory, is presented. Further, clinical potential for monitoring reactions to chemo-radiotherapy is evaluated from human and animal studies and their usage as physiological markers for oral preneoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma is analyzed. There has been a re-emergence of oral cytology as a diagnostic tool and predictor method in oral pre-cancer and cancer.

She briefly described the application of new physical and molecular methodological techniques e.g cytophotometry, DNA cytometry. Moreover, newly developed approaches in relation to molecular studies and their diagnostic and prognostic implications. she mentioned the  biological significance embryogenesis, differentiation, proliferation /homeostasis and in the regulation of immune system. she also pointed out that dysfunction and deregulation of these systems would result in  variety of pathological conditions e.g immune deficiency, autoimmune diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases and cancer.

At the end, Dr. Asghar Ali Shigri – moderator of the session, invited chairman Prof. Ayyaz Ali Khan for his concluding remarks on the session, and shields were distributed among the speakers. 

February 20, 2015

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