Is dentistry the right profession for you? Come find out


A career in dentistry is challenging but rewarding at the same time. As of 2017, dentistry has been crowned #1 in the ‘World’s 100 Best Jobs’ List.

The most commonly raised question, however, is how does one know whether dentistry is their true calling?

If you have a passion for welfare, creativity, and most importantly, utilizing your hands for working, then dentistry seems like a perfect fit for you. True passion is the key element that will motivate you to overcome hurdles and work your way to the top.

Research and experience will help you with answers. Before reaching a decision, discuss your concerns with your college counselors and dental professionals. An even more effective option is to directly shadow a dental professional. Working side by side will help you envision your future as a dentist.

But, why choose dentistry? What makes it so special? Here’s why.

  • Invoke Change by Providing Good Healthcare

The sense of accomplishment, joy, and satisfaction that comes after helping a patient with his or her problem is indescribable.

  • Financial Independence

Dentists have the luxury to be their own boss. Fresh out of dental school, dentists can become successful independent business owners and have more freedom to set their financial goals.

  • Healthy Income

Income varies with every country and is relies heavily on the nature and specialization of one’s practice, but it is safe to say that the amount is more than enough to provide one with a good standard of living.

  • Numerous Career Options

Many people do not know of the numerous alternate career options dentists can choose to pursue further. Apart from practicing as general dentists, dental professionals can opt to go into clinical research as well as academics.

  • Time and Career Flexible Lifestyle

Being your own boss means you have the luxury to work when you feel it is best. Owing to the many career options available to dentists, they can plan their schedules accordingly.

  • Change in the Future of Oral Healthcare

In addition to general practice, research is an effective way of giving back to the dental community. Research will revolutionize the technology and techniques used in the field and help it progress to phenomenal heights. Educators have the power to fix flaws by transforming curriculums and actively invoking change where it is needed.

  • Creative Art Form

Dentistry is comparable to art because this profession revolves around aesthetics and the techniques used to bring about the best results.

  • Team-oriented Profession

Dental practice requires team effort, coordination, and communication. The dentist is the primary driving force who works in conjunction with other components to provide his or her patients with the best treatment and service.

Dentists are an integral part of the healthcare community who work tirelessly to effectively improve the oral as well as general health of the community. If these prospects interest you, then dentistry is your right fit. The best dentists amongst us are the ones who bear a true passion for the profession.

April 14, 2017

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