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Keeping yourself busy is the most effective way to stay fit: Prof Dr Abrar

Karachi: The best way to get yourself mentally and physically healthy is by keeping oneself busy during COVID-19 lockdown. This can be done by involving in mind stimulatory activities and in practising physical exercises.

Referring to ways to keep fit during COVID-19 lockdown, Prof Dr Syed Abrar said that the lockdown period can have negative impacts on mental and physical well being. Hence it is better that people should indulge in practices that have positive outcomes.

He was speaking at a live session organized by Dental News Pakistan and Shield Muskurahat Corporation. The moderator for the event was Dr Muattar Hanif.

While sharing many tips, Dr Abar highlighted that people mistakenly give physical health more important than mental health.

Our focus should be equally given as then only we can reach well-being, Prof Dr Abrar

He said that due to a lockdown situation, the routine of normal life has been offset. People should not forget that the time spent during lockdown needs to be organized.

Dr Abrar stressed that people should use free time to refresh their connection with their Creator and work on spiritual healing. This can also help in self-reflecting about one’s habits and help towards improvement.

Dr Abrar told that students should realize that the leisure time of lockdown can be effectively used to make up all the lost academic work. He also suggested that an effective way to spend time is to organize the house and spend more time with your family.

In the end, he advised listeners to learn new skills and focus on a healthy diet. He also thanked the organisers for arranging such great initiative.

The Exclusive Live Session with Prof Dr Abrar can be watched here.

-DN Report

April 22, 2020

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