Lectures & Workshops held at Liaqat University of Medical & Health Sciences


Hyderabad: Seminar was held at Liaqat University of Medical Health Sciences was held on the 1st of March 2016. The theme of the seminar was Advance Dental Endodontics. The event was arranged by the Department of Operative Surgery, LUMHS Jamshoro. Several dentists, including President of Pakistan Dental Association, Dr. Saqib Rashid, were present at the event. The seminar is to be followed by 2 day advanced endodontics workshop at LUHMS.c9b7cb1a-3bd9-440d-98b4-2e40fd6bdbc1

The speakers included Dr. Saqib Rashid, Dr. Salman Zafar, Dr. Syed Abrar Ali, Dr. Arshad Hasan Dr. Zahid Iqbal, Dr. Abdul Qadir Dall, Dr. Feroze Ali Kalhoro, Dr. Fozia Rajput.cbd7c7f0-f787-4c38-844b-f7d9772e23aa

The speakers stressed that that many patients are having teethextracted which could be salvaged by endodontic procedures. They said that well executed endodontic treatment relieves severe dental pain and is extremely cost effective in the long term, especially taking into account the cost of alternative procedures.b98166be-5cfb-4a52-b65e-7519dc95ccef 78481487-3626-4864-b7da-17f3fb79e10a

The three day event encompassed 1 day seminar with 2 day of workshops on several advanced topics in the field of endodontics. 605f68d3-0ffb-4c8f-bd3a-7685da044ba8 88aff0d3-841d-453f-a972-fedf0721a6eb More than 150 people attended the event. The event was supported by Pakistan Dental Association & Dental News and sponsored by GSK.


March 1, 2016

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