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JAMSHORO– Institute of Dentistry, on the directives of LUMHS’ Vice Chancellor Professor Noshad Ahmad Sheikh, recently organized Pakistan’s first Dental Educational Conference hosted by the Liaquat University ot Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS). On the occasion was also inaugurated the University’s Dentistry Skill Laboratory.

The conference with the theme “Exploring Dental Education, Paradigm Shift in Pakistan” was inaugurated with the objective of deliberating and attempting to resolve flaws in the current dental curriculum and practice.

Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad performed the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Dental Skill Lab at LUMHS, the other day. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the commissioning of the laboratory would help young graduates and postgraduates in learning the essential clinical skills.
He lauded efforts on the part of the Institute of Dentistry in setting up the state-of-the-art laboratory, which has made substantial progress in the field of medical & dental education and research.

He said the university plays an important role in imparting undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, stating that the Institute of Dentistry was the second oldest seat of learning in the science of dentistry in the country. It is the first dental institute in Pakistan that meets the global standards of teaching and training.
The governor also appreciated the institution for holding “Pakistan’s Pioneer National Conference on Dental Education”, mentioning that the scientific committee would forward its recommendations to the Higher Education Commission and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. The recommendations, he said, would help meet the relevant international standards through a revision of the dental curricula.

LUMHS’ Vice Chancellor Prof. Noshad A. Shaikh in his welcome address, extended his thanks to the Governor for honoring the University with his presence. ‘This shows his commitment to promoting education in general and medical education in particular for the students of Sindh’. He further said that LUMHS’ Institute of Dentistry is the second oldest seat of learning in the science of dentistry in the country. Its graduates are serving ailing community, not only in Pakistan but abroad as well.

At present, it is Pakistan’s first dental institute having achieved global standards of dental teaching and training, as is evident from the fact that it has established such a high-tech Dental Skill Lab for its young doctors as well as students. The VC mentioned that the Skill Lab will fulfill the aim of establishing simulation-based medical education as prime teaching methodology, thereby training our faculty to teach and our students to learn clinical skills in simulated and human environments. The VC announced the naming of this newly established state-of-the-art Skill Lab as “Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Dental Skill Lab” for acknowledging the governor’s dedication and patronage of the Health Sciences and upgrading Higher Education in Sindh.

Regarding the country’s first ever pioneer National Conference on Dental Education, the Vice Chancellor stated that 700 delegates from across the country attended the conference. Some of the delegates were seasoned medical educationists and experts in dentistry. Over 12 invited papers were read, and 4 pre-conference workshops on various themes were conducted. This speaks volumes about the success of the current dental conference, this year’s first.

“The primary purpose of establishing the laboratory is to equip young students with the necessary skill sets and effective techniques for achieving ideal results. Common mistakes and weaknesses in current dental practices are to be highlighted by experienced supervisors, with a view to prepare students towards meeting international dentistry standards. The multipurpose laboratory will also function as a research center for students.” These views were shared by Professor Shahjahan Katpar, Chairman, Conference Organizing Committee of the Dental Educational Conference.

Prof Dr Shahjahan said ‘LUMHS has maintained its traditional history of being a national trend-setter in arranging the dental conference and setting-up of the Dental Skill Lab, equipped with the most modern machinery – Phantom head which enables us to develop competent clinical skills among the dental students of Pakistan. The conference theme revolves around the changing trends in dental education & profession. Changes on the national level will allow us to meet international imperatives. He lauded the efforts of Vice Chancellor – Prof Noshad A. Shaikh for extending his help in holding this successful conference and hoped that the suggestions presented in the conference would go a long way in revolutionizing dental education and practice.

Dr Naresh Kumar – Secretary of Organizing Committee of Dental Educational Conference, worked day in and day out to make the conference a big success. Their dedication is exemplary in promoting dental education and practice, especially among the dental students. Dr Naresh welcomed the delegates from across the country, and appreciated the overwhelming response to the conference.

Side by side with the deliberations made in the conference by the learned speakers, the state-of-the-art “Dental Skill Lab,” is a feat of very high order. He expressed gratitude especially to the LUMHS’ Vice Chancellor – Prof Noshad A. Shaikh for his able guidance and encouragement.

The Principal, Institute of Dentistry at LUMHS – Dr Feroze Ali Kalhoro expressed his pride that his institute had organized Pakistan’s first Dental Educational conference, focused exclusively on dental education, setting its parameter to international standards as they are being pursued worldwide. He said that Pakistan cannot afford to remain aloof from the modern-day techniques and their practical application.

Remaining at par with dental events taking place elsewhere, is of essential importance and our dental experts, especially our students’ community should, right from the very beginning, be imbued with the modern day changes, alternatives and treatment opportunities.

The world is proceeding rapidly and any ignorance on our part would be very detrimental. The said conference has enlightened us with our approach to adopt new ways for modernization.

One of the most important developments was the establishment of a state-of-the-Art Dental Skill Lab with advanced technology, as it is equipped with ultramodern gadgets for pre-clinical training of undergraduate students in all clinical procedures, on mannequins and simulators, before the students perform on actual patients.    

The historical two-day conference on dental education concluded on a big note of success that touched matters related to the modern dentistry being taught in Pakistan, while elsewhere in the world some newer subjects, named as Bioethics; Behavioral Sciences; Pediatric Dentistry; Biostatistics & Research Methodology; Geriatric Dentistry; Forensic Odontology and Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, have become the basis of teaching. This conference has thus offered newer avenues of learning and practice as well as, newer effective treatment options.

Equipped with the modern day dental science the dentistry in Pakistan would get impetus from this august event in matters related to dental education, knowledge and practice. The conference has decidedly made an impact on the dental profession and, as such, is a big success. Organizers must be applauded and encouraged for all the trouble and trial they went through in organizing this gigantic event which would prove a trail-blazer in all the spheres of dentistry. &nbsp

The National Conference on dental education that concluded at Jamshoro, also arranged programs like workshops and panel discussions so as to broaden the scope and sphere of the event that has been translated into the practical side of dentistry, thereby making the students to confidently undertake the procedure of treatment and obtain cure from the problem to a suffering patient. 


Organized as part of the conference were group discussions. For this purpose four groups –   Group A, B, C and D – were framed with their respective facilitators. Task for each group was differentiated by the subject/specialty. Each group made a brief 10- minute presentation on the task assigned.

Group ‘A’: OMF Biology & Bio-ethic – Facilitator: Dr Mahmood Haider;

Groub ‘B’: Behavioral Science & Bio-Statistics & Research Methodology – Dr Abid Ashar;

Group ‘C’ : Paediatric Dentistry – Dr Feroze Kalhoro;

Group ‘D’: Forensic Odontology & Geriatric Dentistry – Dr Fazal Ghani.

The other participants of panel discussions were: Dr Shahjahan Katpar; Prof Dr Kasif Ikram; Dr Amina Ahmed; Dr Humayoon Baig; Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan; Dr Sheilla Pinjani; Dr Aneela A Rehman and Dr Faisal Ghani.


The speakers with topics of scientific session were: Dr Abid Ashar- Developing Professionalism: Dental students’ perspective; Dr Farhan Raza – Changes in Dental Academia: Focusing Operative Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry; Prof Dr Ayyaz Khan – Achieving Competencies: Can you manage with the present examination system & Attendance Regulation?; Prof Dr Fazal Ghani – Role of dental care professionals in the delivery of Dental Health Care Services; Dr Navid Rashid – Maxillofacial Radiology: Principles and Interpretation; Dr Faisal Ghani – Why Teach Ethics; Dr Humayoon Baig – Forensic Odontology: The Paradigm Unexplored; Prof Dr Shahjahan Katpar – A National Change in Dental Education of Pakistan Via Behavioral Sciences; Dr Aneela Atta-ur-Rehman – Social Responsibilities of Dental Institutes; and Dr Sheilla Pinjani’s presentation was ‘Art of interactive Lecture Skills’. 

December 27, 2014

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