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BDC Celebration


This year Baqai Dental College is celebrating its Silver Jubilee year. On account of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, BDC is conducting a series of co-curricular, as well as, academic activities. Part of the academic activities, a very successful workshop – “Master Dentistry Season 2” was conducted at the City Dental Hospital, located in Nazimabad. “Master Dentistry Season 1” was inaugurated last year and became a huge success. Therefore, this year its Season 2 was launched.

The target audience was fresh graduates and general practitioners. The 4 day series of workshops focused on learning Implant basics and procedures along with the subject of Endodontics. Students of Baqai Medical University as well as from other universities attended this workshop. From “Master Dentistry Season 1” to “Master Dentistry Season 2”, these workshops have always received appreciation from students, professors and dentists therefore, “Master Dentistry Season 3” has been part of the plans for the year 2015.

DAY 1:

Dr. Irfan Qureshi and Dr Kashif Ikram provided a detailed overview, to the audience, of Implants, Types of Implants. Discussion regarding bone level and tissue level Implants, Different types of Prosthesis needed for Implants, Artificial Implants and Implant Analogues were also made aware to the audience.

Dr. Kashif Ikram conducted a lecture on ‘Saving the Bone’, treatment planning and bio-materials for Implant as well. He also discussed his recent case of Ameloblastoma on which he is currently working. He further discussed Surgery for Implant and also presented his cases for better understanding.


For understanding of the practical implementation, this day was based on Hands-on Workshop and Live Demo on a Patient. Dr. Irfan Qureshi displayed the procedure of how to place Implants on Artificial Teeth and also discussed about the significance of Tissue level implants and Bone level implants.

Dr. Kashif Ikram presented a live demo on a patient and displayed Bone Grafting and Placement of Implants.

Before the closing of the workshop, there was an Interactive Session with Dr. Kashif Ikram and Dr. Irfan Qureshi to resolve all the queries regarding Implant placement by the audience. This helpful and knowledge-gaining workshop would help all the participants during their practice in the clinical procedures. At the closing of the workshop, Dr. Irfan Qureshi was presented with a token of appreciation (shield) and all the participants were given certificates by Dr. Kashif Ikram and Dr. Talha M. Siddiqui.


Dr. Talha M Siddiqui Vice Principal of Baqai Dental College, presented a detailed overview of Root Canal Procedures, Criteria for Success and failure of Root Canal, Tooth Evaluation and Radiographic Evaluation of RCT. He also presented the Factors Influencing outcome of Treatment.

Dr Nadeem Hafeez khokar – DMD (Phil), MDSc, Malaysia, presented an overview on rotary endodontics and the uses of rotary intstruments in endontics. Along with all lectures, hands on workshops were conducted to teach the use of UNI –FILES.

DAY 4:

Dr. Naheed Najmi (Associate Professor) HOD Operatives Dentistry Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry.

discussed about Causes of Failure of Root Canal, Intra Radicular Infections and Extra Radicular Infections, Causes of Periapical Infections and Indications of Re Root Canal.

Dr. Abrar from Deptt of Endodontics & Pedodontics at Hamdard University Dental Hospital, presented the Root Canal cases he worked on and discussed in detail about the Failures of Root Canal Procedure, Surgical Endodontic and their indications. He also gave a detailed session on new techniques and Instruments being used in Clinics nowadays and he also discussed new generation of Files.

During this workshop, Dr. Abrar demonstrated the procedure of Re-Root Canal on Artificial Tooth. Dr. Naheed Najmi and Dr. Abrar also gave a live Demo on a patient. The last worshop was based on the topic “Multi-Disciplinary Dentistry” in which real-time cases and their treatment planning was discussed with the audience. All participants were also awarded with certificates.

July 3, 2014

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