MDCAT cancelled: Students paying the price of bad governance?

By Dr Muntaha Tariq

Sindh High Court orders suddenly postponed and cancelled National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) planned on 15th Nov 2020. The court ordered the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) to make a proper academic board first. The board will then announce the appropriate syllabus for MDCAT exam and secondly the exam date.

MDCAT cancelled: Now you take it, now you don’t!

According to sources, the syllabus earlier announced by PMC was favouring some provinces but became a headache for the candidates of other provinces. So Sindh High Court ordered to make a common standard syllabus for all. This syllabus will be feasible and acceptable for candidates all over Pakistan.

The new order of SHC is in favour of many candidates. They can prepare better for the entrance exam. The merit-based on the performance of the candidate in MDCAT will determine their admission. But on the other hand, it also created a lot of stress among the candidates.

PMC’s MDCAT: An endless fiasco?

Students are becoming the victim of this poor planning and the non-professional behaviour of PMC. Students will lose almost half of their academic year just because of these odd steps taken by PMC due to their deficient educational board. This creates a lot of anxiety and panic attacks among the students. The golden time bracket to prepare for MDCAT preparation has been wasted. The future doctors of our nation have to focus on their studies only, but instead are focusing on endless new notifications. Unfortunately, PMC loaded our youngsters with colossal stress. Nobody knows about the new exam syllabus and exam date till now.

Students at the mercy of PMC indecisiveness?

This period is already very crucial for the students due to family as well as social pressures. Due to these pressures and additional stress from PMC, it’s harder for the candidates to focus on their studies with a healthy and peaceful mind.

It’s a great request from PMC to announce the proper syllabus for MDCAT as soon as possible and not to play with the future of our youngsters.

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November 16, 2020

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