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Mega Gen launches innovative new products & techniques in Pakistan

Mega Gen launches innovative new products & techniques in Pakistan Web

Karachi: Leading Korean implant company Mega-Gen launched its products for the first time in Pakistan at a seminar held in Karachi at a local hotel on the 15th of October.

The President and Founder of Mega-Gen, Dr Kwang Bum Park presented lectures with patient cases during the ‘Innovation in Dental Implants’ seminar attended by prominent names in the Pakistan dental community, including consultants, private practitioners, residents and students.

At the seminar, Dr Park highlighted common mistakes made by dentists during implant placement leading to gingival recession, bone resorption and failure of the implant. He drew comprehensive comparisons between the long term results of conventional implant systems being used today, in contrast to Mega-Gen’s innovative AnyRidge, AnyOne and Mini Implants. Dr Park emphasized on the importance of precise implant positioning and the role it plays in the success or overall compatibility of the implant.

According to Dr Park, all systems introduced by Mega-Gen were aimed at improving long term implant results, soft tissue management, and achieving ideal augmentation during a shorter time period. “Excellence, beauty and function; everything should be harmonious and compatible with the natural tooth” said Dr Park.

Dr Kwang Bum Park, a renowned periodontologist and implantologist, founded Mega-Gen in 2002 which is now the leading name in superior quality implant systems in South Korea. He also established the state-of-the-art MIR Dental Hospital in Daegu, a facility that has 120 employees, 20 dentists and over 70 well equipped dental operatories. The hospital has expanded remarkably since its establishment, and now has 21 branches in different areas across South Korea today. Dr Park’s dental practices are primarily focused on preserving periodontal health and regeneration. With countless merits, achievements and accomplishments under his belt, Dr Kwang Bum Park is seen as a visionary by his students, colleagues and seniors. 

The seminar also included an interactive Q&A session and shields were presented to the speaker Dr Kwang Bum Park, Dr Ninat Banday and others. 

October 25, 2014

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