MQ Institute celebrates over 20 years of service to dentistry


MQ Institute celebrates over 20 years of service to dentistry

MQ Institute celebrates over 20 years of service to dentistry

ative methods in dental implants practice and training

Lahore, DN report: As the Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry steps into its 22nd year of the Clinical Masters’ Hands-On Learning Series, it is emphasizing the unique philosophy of ‘Treating the Un-treatable,’ conducted by the internationally recognized Implant mentor and expert, Dr. Mahmood Qureshi (fellow of the American Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics/Implant Dentistry).

Celebrating over 20 years of service to Pakistan, the international training event focused on an intense and distinctive multi-system training program on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March 2014, for dentists from all over the world including; Canada, USA, and the UAE.

The venue was – MQ International Implant Institute in Lahore. This purpose-built training institution is affiliated with the Tatum Implant Institute, USA, where the attendees have the opportunity to earn post-graduate certification and over 170 hours of implant education.

During the sessions, the guest of Honor – Prof. Dr. Saeed Malik gave insightful training lectures, while he also hailed the contributions of Dr. Mahmood Qureshi (MQ) as “the pioneer of implant dentistry [in Pakistan. Dr. Seerat Ashfaq welcomed the participants and gave a brief introduction about PAID. The ex-principal of Baqai Dental College, Dr. A. Mudassir also praised MQ’s innovative methods of teaching.

A dynamic overview of contemporary implant dentistry was given by MQ, who has implemented “a versatile implant system that is simple, predictable, comprehensive and affordable”, while in ensures implant success and stability.

The evolved Implant Training Program also emphasized MQARTIS (MQ’s Advanced Reconstructive Technique Implant System)” developed recently. The programme covered important topics like; Treatment Planning, Procedural Details, pre-surgery requirements, and supervised live surgical sessions, along with hands-on workshops.

Other lectures and hands on workshops on the revolutionary and atraumatic MQ-MET (Modified Expansion Technique) — Surgical Protocol, and Radiography, were also held along with lively discussions , followed by a didactic live implant surgery.

The upcoming session is scheduled from April 11-13 on the very important topics of “Bone Manipulation—MQARTIS (MQ’s Advanced Reconstructive Technique Implant System), MQMET (Modified Expansion Technique—5-in-1 Modus Operandi) along with SABIRIN (Stable Alveolar Bone Implant Reconstructive Integration Naturally) which are MQ’s latest innovations in Oral implantology.”

March 24, 2014

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