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NADAP Oath Taking Ceremony

Karachi: The oath taking ceremony of newly elected members of NADAP Election 2018 was held in Karachi.

The program began with a video session, by the Joint Secretary NADAP, Shahim Kamran. The  welcome note was given by Information Secretary WhatsApp Image 2018-04-07 at 1.39.00 PMNADAP, Sidra Saeed, during which she spoke about the vision of NADAP, as to how it wants to advance the standards of art and sciences of dental technology, for the benefit of the profession and patients. She also discussed to promote the interchange of views between dental auxiliary and to negotiate on their behalf with various bodies.

In his address the President NADAP Syed Tariq Ali Askari. He thanked the Almighty on his presidential achievement and hoped that the new elected NADAP cabinet will perform their duties vigilantly. He mentioned that he has a mission to work for the rights of Dental auxiliaries in Pakistan. NADAP has taken an initiative to fulfill the rights of dental auxiliary personnel and to provide them with their deserved requirements and fulfill their rightful demands, as per policies.

The General Secretary NADAP, Qasim Khan said in his speech that, the main motivation of NADAP is to resolve the problems of dental auxiliaries and to educate them according to the new dental technologies. Dental workshops and Symposiums are being organized for them, since the last three years. NADAP’s mission is to make a council for dental auxiliary and established a dental institute for the education and training of dental auxiliaries, from qualified, trained and experienced dental hygienists and dental technologists. Dental auxiliary licenses should be introduced to get rid of quackery.

One of  the big drawback is that, the companies and institutes do not support the dental auxiliary because they are not doctors so, funding and sponsoring is tough. He then thanked Dental News, Dr. Naveed Rashid and Prof. Dr. Asaad Javed, for supporting NADAP.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-07 at 1.39.01 PM-1Prof. Dr. Asaad Javed, Patron NADAP, in his address discussed the road map for the success of dental auxiliaries in Pakistan. He said that dental auxiliaries from all over Pakistan should be licensed, recognized and registered by the relevant regulatory bodies, supervised by the Government. And as a health care provider, all the dental auxiliaries should unite with each other, to signify themselves to attain self respect. Furthermore, he added that, dental auxiliaries should know what they are and their capabilities. Dr. Asaad added that the dental auxiliaries should pass a bill in the National and Provisional Assembly, for their professional rights within the dental field. This way, their presence will be felt by the Local and Federal Government of Pakistan.

It was also suggested that, dental auxiliaries should continue organizing and being a part of dental conferences and training sessions, on National and International platforms. They should initiate research work in their field and must publish them in international journals.

The honorable Chief of the oath taking ceremony, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan addressed the audience and expressed his pleasure for being a part of the event and appreciated the efforts of NADAP. He conveyed his thanks to Prof. Dr. Asaad Javed, Patron NADAP, Dr. Aleem Khan Coordinator, President Syed Tariq Ali Askari and newly elected cabinet of NADAP.

Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan congratulated Syed Tariq Ali Askari’s panel for their victory in NADAP elections 2018 and he advised NADAP to set their priorities straight, in order to achieve acclaim and improve their professional status on National & International levels. He also took the initiative to bring the voice of NADAP to the higher authority, by supporting NADAP.

Dr. Aleem Khan, thanked NADAP for inviting him to be a part of the Oath taking Ceremony and congratulated the winning panel. Mr. Ashraf Ghauri, Chairman DTMA, also appreciated the efforts of NADAP, and showed his support towards their cause.

ThwE Election Commissioner, Dr. Kashif Abrar announced the results officially and named the members of NADAP along with their designations. He invited them on the stage to initiate the Oath taking Ceremony, in the presence of Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, followed by a photo session and Hi- tea.

May 8, 2018

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