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New Oral Pathology Lab at Baqai

Baqai Dental College (BDC) recently held the inauguration ceremony for their newly established Oral Pathology Diagnostic laboratory. Director Planning and Development Dr Shaoaib Baqai graced the occasion along with Principal BDC Dr Kashif Ikram, Vice Principal BDC Dr Talha M. Siddiqui and other faculty members of Baqai Dental College.

At the diagnostic centre of Baqai Dental Hospital, many patients often present with intraoral pathologies (e.g. oral ulcers, potentially malignant lesions, fibroosseous lesions, odontogenic cysts and tumors and other mucosal lesions). These patients require immediate biopsy and subsequent histological examination of the lesion, which is an important diagnostic tool. Furthermore, in some types of pathologies, histological examination is important not only in diagnosis but also to determine whether there is evidence of malignancy, to gain information on the clinical behavior of a lesion and, in some instances, to gain prognostic information, all of which has a direct impact on patient management.

Oral Pathology laboratory at Baqai Dental College is first of its kind in the private sector and is purposely built on the second floor of Baqai Dental College, Karachi. This laboratory is now fully functional and is well equipped to process and provide reporting on various hard and soft tissue pathologies of oral and maxillofacial region; the laboratory has facilities to deal with routine biopsy tissue for histopathological staining (H&E), and will soon also have teaching facility for the undergraduate and post graduate students.

December 6, 2018

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