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New Zealand’s first clear aligner company launched

New Zealand: Smilii, the first New Zealand brand of clear aligners, will soon be providing quality treatment to its clients to make tooth straightening procedures more available to New Zealanders. In the past, Clear aligner technology has been dominated by two American brands that offer their products at different prices and in different qualities.

According to Smilii, alternative companies that sell aligners directly to consumers may carry potential risk. The customers do not receive professional oral checks or oversight by a dentist.

“Most Kiwis have never heard of clear aligner treatment but its popularity is quickly growing in America and Europe. It’s widely touted to be the main form of orthodontic therapy in a few years’ time,” said Neil Fitzpatrick, founder of Smilii. “There’s a small window of opportunity for a New Zealand company to claim territory and offer New Zealanders a fair option that is on par with the best aligner brand in the market, but at a price that is much more affordable and—importantly—safe.”

Smilii has achieved its affordability and expertise by combining the knowledge of its dental team with that of a medical 3D printing company. Smilii’s partner company manufactures clear aligners for the market and will provide Smilii with its own team of orthodontists and computer and laboratory technicians who will work closely with the New Zealand team.

The company will ensure client safety and comfort through treatment plans that include a dental check-up, a full set of dental radiographs, a hygiene clean and regular in-person and app-based contact with a Smilii dentist and dental support team.

 “As a minimum, we believe treatment should be led by a qualified dental professional, planned by an orthodontist, with the safety net of being able to see our professionals in person,” Fitzpatrick stated.

Dr Julian Leigh, a member of the Australian Dental Association and consultant dentist at Smilii, believes that it is crucial to have a general dental check-up and to have special orthodontic radiographs taken and analysed by a professional before the clear aligner treatment. “Your teeth and gums must be in good shape before any aligner treatment—to be safe and ultimately successful. Otherwise you could risk permanent damage or embark on unsuitable aligner treatment. That’s the difference with Smilii and why I’m delighted to be part of it,” he concluded.

article published in Dental Tribune International

December 20, 2019

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