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Nimrita was Murdered, Brother claims

LARKANA Ever since the news of Nimrita Kumari’s (Nimerta Chandani) alleged suicide has surfaced, a substantial group of people, including her friends and family are refusing to recognize the incident as self-inflicted. They strongly believe that it is a case of murder; others are considering rape and murder. However, there is consensus among the masses that Nimrita could not have taken her own life.

Many have pointed out inconsistencies in the Vice-Chancellor’s statement, trying to prove that she was merely trying to save face by using the suicide farce.

Dr Vishaal, Nimrita’s brother who is himself a doctor and a teacher at DUHS, while speaking to media after visiting his sister’s expired body mentioned his suspicion of murder.

“I have seen Nimrita’s body and the marks around her neck. I am a doctor myself and I can tell that the marks are not from hanging oneself, in fact they appear to be the result of strangulation using something like a cable cord.”

In case of suicide by hanging the mark on the neck appears in V-shape, whereas Nimrita’s bruise circled around her neck, he clarified. He further informed that he had also noticed injuries around Nimrita’s wrists and ankles, which could mean that she was being restrained at one point of the incident.

He made an appeal to CM and others in power to take the matter in notice and carry and in-depth investigation to get to the real culprit.

Friends and family of Nimrita say that she was a happy girl and had never shown any signs of depression or suicidal tendency.

“My sister’s dead body was recovered at 2:00 am [Tuesday late night] while she was distributing sweets at around 12:30 am. Can somebody tell me what was happened within 1.5 hours? It is not the case of harassment as it usually leads to committing suicide,” Dr Vishaal had revealed.

The alleged murder of Nimrita Kumari has drawn extreme outrage from netizens as well. Hashtag #JusticeforNimrita has been trending on all social media platforms. People are asking for impartial investigation and fair results. Last night, Teen Talwar was swarmed with a group of protestors that had gathered to show their support for the victim and to demand justice.

Office of the Police Surgeon Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana has released the Post-Mortem Report of Nimrita Kumari, but has reserved the actual cause of the death till the reports from histopathology, Chemical and Radiological are received.

Some believe the murder to a part of anti-Hindu movement that is seeming going on, considering the recent fire incident at a Hindu Temple in Ghotki.

September 18, 2019

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