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No more Root-Canal

A revolutionary Swiss dental product by the name of “Pulpotec”  has created ease for millions of patients throughout the world , by eliminating the need for a root canal and enabling permanent restoration in case of Vital Canals! The technique causes minimum discomfort for the patient.Now, the cautious and compassionate dentists can; save the tooth, minimize surgical risk, eliminate the risk of root canal infection, while saving time and money. Viable pulp in root canals serves as a safe barrier for germ intrusion into peri-apical tissues that prevent the development of dental infection. A big danger for rudiments of permanent teeth is created by infection of tissues surrounding roots of the temporary tooth. This may lead to difficulty in the normal development of teeth, even tooth loss.During treatment of molars in adult practice, the Dentists often deal with the need of vital amputation. Canal of complex shapes present difficult access, restricting vital root-canal treatment. “Pulpotec” saves the vitality of the canals and the dentist doesn’t need to perform a root canal treatment! The treatment is very simple and efficient. It is a revolutionary approach to dental care. Practitioners should take initiative and adapt this great innovation. Pulpotec is a medicament for long-term treatment of pulpitis, by pulpotomy, of vital teeth and molars – both permanent and deciduous.

This treatment is both simple and rapid. It enables a complete radicular restoration of the tooth. It can also be used for treatment of molars suffering calcified root canal to bring complete clinical recovery of the tooth. Although it has a proven success rate of over 80%, it also ensures the possibility of a subsequent treatment by pulpectomy in the rare case of failure.

It minimizes the latrogenic risks (breaking of instrument, perforation, apical protrusion, etc., while there is no costly or sophisticated equipment needed. Vital teeth can be treated within one or two sessions. Thus, it is a long-lasting treatment which preserves the tissular structure of the tooth.

September 22, 2013

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