Online classes: The road to ‘possible’ change

Obviously it depends on what your situation is and how you learn, but for me, I’ve found online classes to be a lot more effective for my learning style.

 By Suraj Kumar

The experience to pause the lectures and rewind them back at your will is really ecstatic. This had definitely made my notes more thorough and helped me to get them organized. In comparison of attending lecture in person, I believe the online classes has been lot better since I don’t have keep up with the fast paced teachers and sit heavily cramped lecture halls.

My interaction with online classes started when recently due to COVID-19, Bhittai Dental and Medical College Mirpurkhas started conducting ones. The latest technology has been a huge savior for students to cope up with missing lectures.

The one to one interaction on virtual platform is so smooth that at times one really cannot differentiate from the real life one. Our college teachers are very co- operative and answer us till we actually feel like we have understood the concepts. The effectiveness of the classes can purely be attributed to our college faculty ad their sincerity to spread knowledge even in times like COVID-19.

Online learning education can be regarded as an evolved form of the snail mail education system where our classes are conducted regularly as in college. After taking class we are said to prepare the assignment and email it on concerned teacher email address. Online tests are also conducted by using Google. These all will be counted in Internal Evaluation.

Overall, there’s a less pressure when taking notes and learning in an online environment. Exams are much more laid back and the lectures tend to give condensed information without trying to fill time with useless details.

Online classes major advantage is students who feel shy to ask a question in a classroom get a chance to ask that question by any sort of communication.

-The writer is 2nd year, BDS student at BDMC Mirpurkhas.

April 28, 2020

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