Pak Academy of Implant Dentistry 20th anniversary


Nation’s foremost experts participated in the 19th Convocation

DN Report by Dr Seerat Ashfaq

Lahore – DN report: MQI graduates celebrated their academic success at this year’s 19th Convocation Ceremony held at the Sukh Chan. The president of the Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry (PAID), Dr. Mahmood Qureshi, presided over the ceremony, along with the prominent guests of honor Maulana Dr Ajmal Qadri, Mr. M. Gillani (ex minister), Prof M. A. Soofi, Prof. Dr. Saeed Malik, Prof. Dr. Soofi and Prof. Dr. M. Saeed.

Leading dental professionals & their families from across the nation attended the prestigious event hosted by the Qureshi Dental Centres celebrating its 55th anniversary simultaneously.

The grand occasion marked the beginning of a new generation of implantologists, trained by famous implant icon, Dr. Mahmood Qureshi, under the banner of PAID’s Highly Intensive One Year “Treating the Untreatable” Clinical Masters Training Program, at the MQ Implant Institute, Lahore.

While addressing the congregation the guest of honor Prof. Dr. Saeed Malik stated that “Now wider horizons are in front of you. You need to ponder how a non-living object and a living object coordinates with bone and how osteointegration happens.” He paid tribute on how MQ simultaneously amalgamates Islamic teachings and co-relates Qura’anic verses with scientific and intellectual knowledge, since the inception of this institute in 1993. He applauded MQ’s imagination and vigor—to illuminate the lives of millions of people.

In his presidential address, Dr MQ said; It is a day of great significance and achievement and honour for the profession. If you get an idea to do something, make it your ambition, then work hard and get devoted to it. Have faith in God, you will achieve it. The journey to seek knowledge and perfection is never complete. By probing, pondering, studying, contemplating, investigating and reflecting on the complexities, beauties and mechanisms of the nature, you can reach and understand the Perfect – The God. (Al-Quran Al-Sajda, Verse 53). You will be serving the humanity as well as bringing yourself nearer to God. But you cannot do it unless you develop a habit of hard work.

I must touch the ethical side of this noble profession. You must not forget that you owe a lot to your nation. The nation has spent massive resources on your training. It is time to pay back by curing your patients and by helping those who cannot afford.

Dr. MQ has provided this novel opportunity of learning this advanced technology through the dedicated, unmatched and vibrant leadership. He is modifying surgical techniques and instruments through dedication and devotion.

Towards the end of the event, the induction of the next 22nd ‘1 year program’ was also announced, which will be starting from March 7, 2014 at MQI, Lahore.

January 31, 2014

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