Pakistan's expenditure on healthcare lowest in the region: Dr Farooq


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KARACHI- Hypertension is a silent killer as it causes no symptoms whereas non-serious approach towards controlling high blood pressure could cause heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes, besides damaging eyes.

This was stated by National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases’ (NICVD) consultant cardiologist, Dr Fawad Farooq, at a training programme held here recently as a part of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) continuing medical education (CME) for doctors and general public.

PIMA’s Continued Medical Education (CME) is an interactive case-based discussion on how to approach a patient with very high blood pressures and it covers hypertensive emergencies, one of the commonest medical emergencies faced at every level and sometimes even in non-medical specialties.

Underscoring the need for early consultation with doctors, Dr Fawad, deplored that people usually did not care about the sensitivity of the disease.

He urged the patients to avoid smoking and higher intake of salt, saying that `healthy lifestyle, proper diet, regular exercise and better medication can play a decisive role in minimising the adverse effects of hypertension.

In this regard, he advocated the need for controlling obesity through daily exercise.

Referring to a report prepared by World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Farooq said that total expenditure on health per capita in Pakistan is only $59 which, he remarked, is quite low as compared to India’s $132 and Sri Lanka’s $148. t;line-height:115%’>In a statement, the commission said it surveyed providers who signed up for the new program and found they had the capacity to treat 147,513 women. These providers are in the impoverished parts of the state where Planned Parenthood was most active, the commission said, though women in the San Angelo area may have problems finding a doctor.

“We’ve worked hard to add new doctors and clinics to the program all across the state, and we’ll work even harder in the two areas where we’ve identified some concerns,” Janek said. “We’re going to make sure that every woman who qualifies for these services is able to get them.”

December 17, 2012

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