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Pathodont is the first laboratory and diagnostic center in Pakistan that is dedicated solely to oral health. In addition to providing maxillofacial and oral diagnostic services, Pathodont has introduced state of the art American Biolase laser technology in Pakistan for the first time. As a leader and a pioneer in providing diagnostic opportunities to maintain oral health, pathodont, a subsidiary of Health.net is committed to enhance the oral health care of Pakistani Patients, providing diagnostic tests for different kinds of oral pathologies. The center offers complete management protocols, established according to the latest guidelines, for different oral pathologies, including the latest LLLT laser treatment for a wide range of maxillofacial and oral pathologies.

In Pakistan there has always been a dearth of certain specialties, including oral pathology. Traditionally the clinical aspects of oral pathology had always been managed by the oral surgeons, while the diagnostics fell under the domain of general pathologists and histopathologists. However, the past few years have seen an increase in the number of foreign trained Oral Pathologists in the country, and now with the introduction of indigenous oral pathology training programmes the number of consultants and specialists in this subject seem to be increasing. But still there was not even a single diagnostic facility dedicated to maxillofacial and Oral Pathologies. Pathodont is a pioneering center in oral diagnostics and is also instrumental in bringing state of the art Laser/ light based treatment regimens for different non-treatable oral and maxillofacial pathologies.

Oral Diagnostic Investigations:
The scope of Oral Pathology has always been restricted to histopathology only. Now a wide range of oral diagnostic investigations are being brought to Pakistan and are being offered from this platform where saliva is being used to detect different pathologies. Apart from salivary diagnosis of various infectious diseases, Oral Cancer screening is also being done. Pathodont is the only center in Pakistan that is offering Oral Luminoscopy for Oral cancer screening.

Pioneering Laser Treatment:
Biolase laser technology was first introduced in USA in the year 1987 by an endodontist.  From the start BIOLASE has led the way with numerous firsts in FDA clearances in laser dentistry. Now their FDA approved dental laser treatment modalities have been introduced for the first time in Pakistan by Pathodont. The center started operating the dental laser system from Biolase from January 2013 and since then amazing results have been observed. The completely bloodless, painless soft tissue surgery has already revolutionized dentistry elsewhere in the world, now it is about to change the face of dentistry in Pakistan. The LLLT – Lower Laser Light Therapy has been advocated to treat various pathologies including several oral white lesions, immunological disorders and vesiculobollous diseases. Bringing this state of the art treatment with evidence-based approach and FDA approval to Pakistan is a milestone, that has been attained by Pathodont. Previously the patients for such disorders got only partially effective palliative treatment regimens. However, now with the laser light, these patients have got the opportunity to enjoy the relief that is being offered in the developed countries only.

August 20, 2013

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