PALD – Advanced Course In Laser Dentistry Launched

Islamabad: Pakistan Academy of Laser Dentistry (PALD) in collaboration with Riphah International University, launched its 1st ever, Advanced IXEH6621course in Laser Dentistry, in the city of Islamabad.

This 6-monthly advanced course’s 1st session was conducted at Islamabad Club, carried out over a span of 2 days. This session focused on the Introduction, Science behind Lasers, followed by the role of lasers in Dentistry.

The session headed by Professor Dr. Arshad Malik who also lauded the efforts of PALD for making the remarkable effort of launching such a course. He gave an extensive lecture and shared his in-depth knowledge about the role of lasers in dentistry.

Dr. Waqas Malik enlightened the participants about the Fundamentals of Lasers, performed and supervised the Hands-on sessions. Dr. Wasif Altaf, a private practitioner with extensive experience in Laser Dentistry, also gave a lecture and shared his expert views.

Each participant was given an opportunity to participate in performing clinical steps during the live- patient demonstrations, under professional supervision. This course brought together Dental Professionals from all disciplines and introduced a new horizon among the Dental Community of Pakistan.

Riphah International University, also provided CME hours for each session of the course. This course altogether, is aimed at enabling safe use of Lasers in the field of Dentistry in Pakistan, to provide optimum level of care to the patients and instills confidence within our Dental Health Professionals.

This course is ongoing, under the banner of Pakistan Academy of Laser Dentistry.

March 28, 2018

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