PAO and CPSP conduct mega orthodontic event


LAHORE-Pakistan Association of Orthodontists (PAO) conducted a mega event on orthodontic case presentation and treatment planning, in collaboration with College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP). This post-graduate convention, the fourth of its kind under the banner of PAO, was organized simultaneously at seven regional centers of CPSP, connected via video-link. The event was well attended by post-graduate residents and consultants of orthodontics from all over Pakistan. The activity was primarily controlled from Lahore Regional Center where Professor Colonel Iffat Batool presided over the convention, along with other council members of PAO.

Post-graduate residents from all over the country had submitted a variety of challenging case presentations for discussion at this forum. President PAO Prof Col Iffat Batool warmly welcomed the honorable facilitators for this convention which notably included Prof Irfan ul Haq, Prof Abida Ijaz, Prof Ghulam Rasool, Prof Mubassir Fida, Prof Ambreen Afzal, Prof Hasnain Sakrani, Prof Rehan Qamar, Prof Saad Asad, Prof Asma Shafique, Dr Amra Minhas and Dr Junaid Israr. The event was moderated by Dr Faiza Malik from Lahore Regional Centre. There was active participation from residents and consultants from all post-graduate training centers of Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, Multan and Faisalabad respectively. A heartfelt vote of thanks was presented at the conclusion by Dr Junaid Israr, General Secretary PAO.

This accredited activity was an attempt to bridge the gap between various professional viewpoints regarding orthodontic treatment planning through an interactive session. It allowed the participants to jointly construct treatment goals that satisfied both the doctor and patient, following the examination guidelines of CPSP at par with international standards. The participants exhibited a great deal of enthusiasm in proposing a treatment plan for each case. The respected facilitators from all centers offered their valuable insight in response to the options suggested. Their guidance undoubtedly benefitted the residents who are to become future orthodontists of Pakistan.

The idea of unifying all post-graduate training centers of Pakistan under one roof of CPSP and providing them the convenience of visiting their own regional centers for such a productive activity, was successfully executed by PAO. Technological facilities provided by the college were excellent and strongly aided the communication between the participants at all seven centers. The goal of harmonizing the standard of training among all recognized centers was successfully achieved, and unanimously positive feedback was received from all sectors.






May 18, 2017

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