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Patient Safety Comes First- Experts

Islamabad: Riphah International University and Riphah Institute of Health Care Improvement and Safety organized the 4th International Conference on Patient Safety. A three-day extensive program was designed including pre-conference workshops and lectures from both national and international speakers.

The session was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Yawar Hayat Khan, Professor of Dental materials, Islamic International Dental College (IIDC), Director at CLIQ(Center of excellence in Leadership, Innovation and Quality) & ALSS(South Asia and UAL), MSLDE( Master of Science in Leadership and Dentistry) at RACKODS, UAE and Co-facilitated by Pro. Dr. Ulfat Bashir, Principal IIDC. Among the esteemed panel of speakers included Dr. Sabrin Azim, Assistant Professor Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, RACKODS, UAE, Professor Dr. Azhar Sheikh, Dean Foundation University Dental College, Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik, Principal HBSDC (Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar Dental College), Dr. Muhammad Humza Bin Saeed, Associate Professor Community Dentistry, IIDC . The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Kanwal Zulfiqar, Assistant Professor, Orthodontics, Head Quality Assurance Team, IIDC. Deans of various dental colleges were invited in the conference.

The conference was focused on all the aspects of healthcare with the agenda to create awareness among the health care practitioners and contribute in their effective learning by making the correct and verified information and knowledge available. Patient safety in dentistry was one of the primary focuses on the Conference.

 A Dental Symposium was organized by the Faculty of IIDC.  Informative presentations regarding the patient safety in dentistry and how it can be improved and implemented were engrossed.

Dr. Sabrin Azim presented the clinical aspects of patient safety and emphasized on building a culture in all healthcare organizations and how they are bringing exclusive changes in their University RACKODS, UAE in collaboration with Riphah University.

Professor Dr. Azhar Sheikh talked about the ‘Patient Safety in dentistry and Our responsibility’.

 Prof. Dr. Yawar Hayat Khan, explained the implementation of the WISH (Waste Industry Safety and Health) framework and the progress that can be made within our facilities with honest efforts.

Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik extensively focused the adverse events resulting from the negligence in clinical procedures.

 Dr. Muhammad Humza Bin Saeed focused on the Importance of Non-Technical skills and their incorporation in the dental curriculum. The presentation session was followed by the panel discussion from the eminent speakers.

The discussion included an interactive Q&A session with the audience. Panel discussed the various aspects regarding the patient centered, safe dental care. Role and responsibility of an individual health care worker was exclusively agreed upon. Building of effective local Task forces in collaboration with the local communities was decided which would monitor and work for awareness and improvement of the dental facilities within their area. Development of patient safety culture within the organizations and eliminating the fear or punishment factor in case of reporting any adverse event or scenario was agreed. Building a trust within the organization and making sincere efforts towards a defined goal of ‘Quality Care for All’ was the concluding statement of the Dental Symposium

December 12, 2019

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