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PAWD set to officially launch in January’15


Islamabad: The PAWD, Pakistan Association of Women Dentists has confirmed plans and arrangements to officially launch on the 18th of January, 2015 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad.

The organization was formed to gather all women dentists of Pakistan on a single platform and to provide them with opportunities to develop and grow further in their field. Since 2013, PAWD has been actively involved in introducing innovations, arranging a number of professional development activities and workshops exclusively for women dentists. The Association now plans to launch officially in collaboration with ilmsoft on the 18th of January.

Memberships to the Association are open to both male and female Pakistani dentists. An exciting launch ceremony has been planned by the management of the Association which will include a video tribute to all Pakistani female dentists followed by a tributary to the leading, most established names in the Pakistan dental community, Life Time Achievement awards will be presented, Dental Oscars will also be given to prominent names in the field, the 2nd All Pakistan Pathologists Meeting and a free communication paper presentation will be conducted, and the ceremony will end with an enlightening scientific session facilitated by four prominent speakers delivering their lectures.

The motive behind the establishment of the Association is to nurture female dentists professionally, and to help them achieve their goals to become leading names in Pakistan dentistry.

December 4, 2014

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