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PCSIR okays medical use of oxygen produced at power plant

HYDERABAD: The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has allowed the use of oxygen to be released in the electrolysis process at the Jamshoro Power Generation Company for medical purposes, particularly for coronavirus patients.

Jamshoro deputy commissioner Pariduddin Mustafa said that National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) had advised him and the power generation company head Tanvir Jafri to brief the NCOC in Islamabad on Tuesday (May 18) in this regard before the NCOC took a decision for medical usage of the oxy-gen thus produced. The PCSIR Karachi office issued the certificate in this regard on May 14, he said.

The DC said that PCSIR senior director Saleem Qazi had paid two visits to the power plant. “In the first test impurities were found in the release of oxygen. But in the re-test when triple distil water was used for the process it eliminated the remainingimpurities. The oxygen is released during the cooling process at the power plant,” he said.

He said that NCOC would be calling technical experts in this regard who would be briefed by Jafri and him.

“It was a huge resource that could be tapped by the Jafri-led team at his company after the government’s approval and then the process could be replicated elsewhere where a similar electrolysis process took place during power generation across the country,” he said.

The power plant was working on the idea to capture the oxygen thus released for medical usage considering the needs for oxygen for coronavirus patients. Sindh health department would have to work with the company in this regard.

Jafri had claimed that the oxygen produced at the power plant had a 97 pc purity value. Initially, its purity was 92pc which was acceptable for Covid19 patients. “We then improved it after lessening moisture content from entire process,” he remarked.

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May 17, 2021

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