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PDA (K) 2nd Dental Auxiliary symposium



KARACHI – The 2nd Dental International Symposium held at the Dow International College was organized under the auspices of Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) Karachi. The Chief Guest at the event was Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan and the Special   Guest was Professor Masood Hameed Khan,Vice Chancellor, DUHS. Various talented speakers lectured on different topics- mainly among them were:

Dr Shaheen Ahmed- “Surgical techniques in dental procedures”.

Dr Farhan Khan- “Designing in making of cast partial dentures.”

Dr Muznah Khalid – “Use and making of ortho appliances in orthodontic treatment”.

Dr Sana Adeeba_ “Comparison between flexible denture and normal acrylic denture”.

Dr Abdul Razzak- “Porcelain layering technique”.

Dr Ali Noman- “Proper sterilization and use of autoclave in dental clinics”.

The workshop was conducted by various experts, namely:

Dr Ali Noman- “Flexible Denture”; Dr Ahmed Ali- “Proper use of instruments and sterilization”. Adnan Nazir-“Ortho appliances” and lastly, Kamran Ali- “Importance of cast partial denture”.

Dr. Aqeel Sheikh (senior vice president PDA, Karachi) spoke in detail on ‘All PDA Karachi Educational Programmes, held every month, including as well this 2nd Auxiliary Symposium. He mentioned that ‘with the help of PDA Karachi symposiums like this are ‘an opportunity of learning new techniques in dentistry’. He also appreciated Prof. Masood Hameed who had announced the Certificate Course Programs  on Auxiliaries at the Dow International Ojha Campus.Dr Ashar Afaaq, vice principal, Dow International (Dental),thanked the audience present, as well as auxiliary wing of PDA Karachi for arranging this symposium at the college with the co-ordination of his organising team.

Dr Aizaz Khan (Chairman Social PDA Karachi, presented the vote of thanks to the chief guest and the special guest, for taking out time from their busy schedules. He also appreciated the extraordinary interest of Prof Masood Hameed in PDA Karachi programmes, as he announced One and Two year Certificate Courses in Dow International for metric science auxiliaries. Dr Khan also thanked the audience for their presence and their interest in the symposium, saying also that PDA Karachi, with all its activities is ready to help our dental community including also the auxiliaries.

Lastly, the chief guest – senetor Abdul Haseeb Khan gave his appreciation of PDA Karachi’s educational programmes and other activities. He thanked Prof. Masood Hameed for his benevolence in Dental and for Medical Community.

At the end of this event, shields of honour from the PDA Karachi were distributed to the all the speakers, the Chief Guest and the Special Guest.-PR

July 24, 2013

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