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PMA dismisses the idea of provincial level PMDC and CPSP bodies

PMA dismisses the idea of provincial level PMDC and CPSP bodies copy

Karachi: The President of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Prof Dr. Idrees Adhi dismissed and rejected the idea of establishing provincial level bodies of the PMDC and CPSP, as presented by the Sindh Provincial Government.

Dr. Adhi expressed his views of dismissal during a press conference held at the PMA House in Karachi. The conference was attended by prominent names in the field including Dr. Mirza Ali Azher Secretary General PMA Centre, Professor Tipu Sultan Elected Councilor CPSP, Dr. SM Qaisar Sajjad, Dr. Ghafoor Shoro and Dr Shershah Syed, among others.

Dr. Adhi stated that the PMA would promptly approach the court of law if any such step was taken, and that it would be seen as a tantamount to maim the undergraduate and postgraduate medical curriculum in Pakistan. He further said that the government has failed to address the major regulatory issues associated to medical education and training at our hospitals and institutes despite countless campaigns and protests initiated by the PMA, and that medical education is now facing dire crisis in the country.
“PMDC should be independent and autonomous with power to take disciplinary actions against violators of PMDC rules and regulations. PMDC should regulate medical education strictly and no one should be allowed to open medical colleges in public & private sector in violations of rules & regulations.” said Dr. Idrees Adhi during the press conference.

However, as of recently the PMDC has been unable to perform some of its duties due to a serious crisis that has developed because of certain vested interest groups. Dr. Adhi said that it is the responsibility of the federal government to take immediate actions for the establishment of a fully functional PMDC purely based on merit; the Council should bear independent authority to perform and implement without the interference of vested interest groups.

Dr Adhi stated that according to the 18th amendment, the regulation on medical education and health practices are federal issues and that PMDC should not be established on provincial basis. “We are continuously in consultation with lawyers and when the time will come, we will approach the Supreme Court for interpretation of Pakistan’s constitution.”
Professor Tipu Sultan agreed with Dr. Idrees Adhi’s views and said that CPSP is an independent body and as per Pakistan’s law, it is not possible to establish another institution in CPSP’s name. He further stated, “CPSP is the symbol of national dignity and prestige at international level as its degrees are recognized and respected worldwide. Presently 85% of the specialists in Pakistan are degree holders of CPSP.”
He addressed the Pakistan Peoples’ Party and urged them to avoid making decisions that may result in the loss of a national party’s popularity.

Dr Mirza Ali Azhar welcomed the notion of establishing Bilawal Medical College for Men, stating that this step will play a vital role in the promotion of medical education and training in the province.

October 23, 2014

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