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PM&DC in a limbo after Ordinance’19 withdrawal

According to a recent notification by the Federal government, all dealings of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council requiring decisions and recommendations have been halted until the constitution of the Council as per the rules describes in PM&DC Ordinance 1962 (amended in 2012).

The Registrar PM&DC has been directed to continue exercising authority over the day to day matters as per delegation of power and previous practice.

The notice further said, “Financial payments like payment of salaries, utility bill, POL, which are beyond the powers of Registrar can also be made and ex post facto obtained from the council when it is formed.”

The letter advised consultation with the Ministry in case of an emergent matter.

The Senate disapproved and withdrew the PM&DC Ordinance 2019 on August 29th, 2019. Read more about it here:

September 21, 2019

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