Prenatal Vitamin D Linked to Dental Health


A research was carried out recently, reported in the International Association for Dental Research in Toronto, Canada, that stated that if mothers kept their vitamin D levels within an acceptable range during pregnancy, then they can prevent tooth decay in their expected child.

Dr. Robert Schroth, a faculty member of University of Manitoba, concluded that children of mothers with low vitamin D levels during pregnancy developed cavities at an early stage. He said, “Considering that 90 percent of this study group was comprised of urban Aboriginal women, the results may not be completely applicable to the public at large, however, this is the first known study that has attempted to link blood levels of vitamin D and infant oral health, particularly caries (tooth decay) and suggesting a significant association.

How Was the Study Carried Out

The study measured vitamin D levels in 206 pregnant women who were in their second trimester of pregnancy, as that is the time when primary teeth begin to develop and calcify. Blood samples were taken at regular intervals until their kids were one year old.

And 135 kids’ teeth were examined for tooth decay.

Findings of the Study

  • Only 21 women, which is about 10.5 percent, had sufficient vitamin D levels. The rest did not even have half of the required amount.
  • Around 22 percent of the children had enamel defects and approximately 34 percent had premature tooth decay

Thus it was concluded from the study that mothers of children having enamel defects had vitamin D levels lower than the average as compared to those with no enamel defects. But this difference was insignificant to prove a viewpoint. However, mothers of children with premature tooth decay had significantly lower vitamin D levels as compared to children with no tooth decay.


April 5, 2017

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