Prof. Ayyaz criticizes Dental curriculum

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Karachi: A research-based lecture on Dental Community Issues was recently conducted at Baqai Medical University, where Prof. Ayaz Ali Khan – the leading Dentist and Researcher of Pakistan addressed the participants and stated that: There is need for total revamping of the dental curriculum, which has so far failed to meet the need of our society. Baqai Dental College (BDC) is celebrating its Silver Jubilee current year with many academic and extra curricular events for the students.

Dr. Ayyaz further stated that; It should be redesigned after identifying the demographics and the diverse needs of each segment of our society. He emphasized that proactive oral diseases are common in our society because of negligence. Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Respiratory Diseases and Pregnancies may also be affected by oral diseases.

He said that use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs are now common practices in the society, which may damage the health of individuals. Dental diseases have numerous side effects on the overall health. Among the causes of these disease is the consumption of; betel nuts, tobacco and alcohol, which causes respiratory ailments, diabetes mellitus, gastric infection, failure of orthopedic implant and osteoporosis, besides promontal disease.

Randomized control trials have been conducted to observe the effect of disease impact. Bacterial load may also effect pregnant women. Low weight disease in newly born babies is also a cause of oral disease. So it is time to overcome these issues through development of skills.

He also advised the students to equip themselves by acquiring knowledge, awareness and professional skills. Then the whole world is open for you. Everyone wants to be rich, powerful and famous, but the youth should not forget that professional skills are necessary to achieve success in life.

On the conclusion of the lecture, the Principal of Baqai Dental College – Dr. Kashif Ikram also expressed his views on the issues of dental community and its importance in the systematic improvement of health conditions of the patients. He said that the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) also taught us about oral health education; Muslim should use “Miswak” daily. After his views, the session was opened for question and answer. A shield was presented to the chief guest – Prof. Dr. Ayaz Ali Khan by Dr. Kashif Ikram. The vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Talha M. Siddiqui.

June 19, 2014

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