Provocation and belligerence


India is intentionally obsessed and relates issues with Pakistan whether they have any significance or not. India presents Pakistan as the epicenter of terrorism and raises a hue and cry over it. The nuclear proliferation issues are also a favourite topic which is debated as and when it suits India. The most sensitive issue of Indian role in Afghanistan is also irking India asPakistan has a credibly genuine standing and is capable to play a meaningful role there. Indian propaganda is mostly directed towards international community to exert more and more pressure on Pakistan and to keep Pakistan in a state of dependence and submission.

India heeds to understand that Pakistan has a clear and overt policy when it comes to its defence. Defence is the right of every country. Pakistan’s nuclear development is deterrence and not a threat to anyone. On the contrary India is stockpiling indigenous weapons beyond proportions and with the collaboration of other countries,defence deals are underway providing India with the state of the art weaponry. Very recently,a deal of 126 aircrafts with France is for what great purpose? Why has international community closed her eyes and is not paying any attention on Indian provocation and belligerence.

Indian actions speak louder than her words. The slogan of “Aman ki Asha” therefore appears to be an allure only for the simple minded Pakistanis,and the international community.

Anwar Parveen,


ISLAMABAD- It was a proud moment for the students and faculty of Margalla Institute of Health Sciences, Rawalpindi, at the ACDER conference when the students of MIHS snatched two positions in the table clinic category. Altogether, 4tables clinics of MIHS participated in the conference. They presented extensive topics including white lesions, HCV transmission in Dentistry, Preventive Measures in Caries Management and PULP Pathology and Inflammatory jaw lesions. The main coordinator was Dr Faiza Hassan, HOD Oral Pathology Department at MIHS.

The competition was tough as many other colleges from all over Pakistan participated in the competition. There were just two positions and both of them were taken by MIHS students for Caries Prevention and Pulp pathology table clinics .

April 25, 2013

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