Role of mobiles in dentistry has not been explored


Think of mobiles in the hands of a dental surgeon and you start thinking of the distractions, the germs and the potential marketing implications of mobile phones. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, mobile phones in dentistry are being considered just those above mentioned things. But where is the innovation lying in finding the true potential of mobile phone technology in dentistry and dental practice?

With over 15 years of technological advancement in dental communications, Sesame Mobile trademark remains the first to continue using mobile technology as a patient satisfaction tool. Now increasing its realm in the cloud domain, the mobile phone is the best online resource to connect patients to the dentists and vice versa.

Some may argue that this is similar to marketing gimmicks on the rise in dental industry to promote clinical practice. True to some extent but the intent is not to draw comparisons. Rather it is to identify the potential role of mobile phone technology in different academic and clinical dental practice settings. With a whooping 87% time share of users on mobile apps, the best means to communicate, disseminate information and branding is through a mobile app. This trend will outpace internet surfing, meaning people will want information on the go through their mobiles. Dental Anywhere in 2012 earned Mobile Star Award as the most useful consumer medical reference or utility.

This means that patient education can become easier than before. A to do and solve it app can help the patients deal with their different dental concerns before, during and after treatments. The same app can help track progress of the treatment, which the patient can use as both a motivation and reference to assess quality of care and progress.

Add to it the three dimensional visual model that helps your patient view their dental condition more effectively, thereby removing all the doubts and suspicions in his or her mind when you discuss the treatment package.

What about you? How can you benefit? The use of mobile technology can become a good source of information and learning on the need to know basis. Learning while working can actually become a new method for junior dentists, removing need for excessive software.

Remote access to your dental practice can help you edit and work on different cases, update information, thereby saving you time to cater to more patients, thereby reducing wait times.

Lets not forget the potential role of 3D printing in creation of lifelike models which can be created on software, shared with the patient through mobile, thereby helping him come to a more informed decision about his medical condition.

The mobile apps can be synchronised with the dental records of the patient at the clinic, allowing him a transparent access to their records, thus helping reduce litigations and improving patient trust.

The medical and dental community usually displays a certain reservation when embracing new technology, considering it as another hassle which they have to learn in practice. However, with the evolving consumer need to remain informed about their medical condition, these apps can be an asset in ensuring customer loyalty for years to come.

January 8, 2014

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