Shield Celebrates WOHD with PDA


March 20th marks a very special day as the World Oral Health Day is being celebrated globally under the prosperous name of World Dental Federation. The theme for World Oral Health Day 2016 is “It all starts here healthy Mouth, Healthy Body”. Every year, the world oral health day is celebrated globally by FDI, to raise awareness about oral health and how to prevent diseases that can be fatal.

With more than 90% of all dental disease s untreated, Pakistan has a long way to go before it can truly celebrate healthy smiles. Almost every Pakistani has or wil suffer from oral disease in their lifetime, ranging from gum disease and tooth decay to oral cancer. Only 20% of the country’s population enjoys access to oral healthcare; 50% of school children have dental carries, and Oral Cancer is the second most common cancer in the country.

In Pakistan, Shield Corporation Ltd. has been working in the oral cancer category for over 30 years and like previous years, Shield® has again joined hands with the internationally celebrated WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY in order to highlight the importance of oral hygiene and set up offers the dental and oral health community an action platform to help reduce the global oral disease burden. Shield® in collaboration with Dental News which since the past decade is giving timely coverage of the most revealing discoveries in the field of dentistry is committed to undertake and participate in all activities with Pakistan Dental Association to bring out positive change in the oral health of the population.

March 18, 2016

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